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Wedding Color Schemes for a Winter Holiday Ceremony

Some brides limit their color choices when planning a wedding around the winter holidays. Silver, blue and gold are alternatives to red/green or all white.

Sometimes when brides are planning a winter wedding, they keep their choice of color scheme too narrow, using just the reds and greens of traditional holiday decorations. However, there is a whole palette available that can create an elegant wonderland.

In addition, because of the cold temperatures in much of the Northern Hemisphere, the fabrics worn for a winter ceremony can be lush velvet and perhaps little white stoles or capes in either real or faux ermine or fox or luxurious cashmere shawls or shrugs. Just because she has chosen to marry when the weather is cold, there is no reason for a bride to choose attire in which she and her wedding party will be uncomfortable. There are some designers who create elegant wedding clothing that will also keep the bride cozy and toasty warm no matter what the weather.

This is the bride’s special day, and the snowy white of her gown is a good beginning for a memorable, perhaps dramatic, color scheme.

No matter which colors a bride decides on, the flavor and feel of her wedding will be determined by the decor she selects.

Using Christmas Hues for a Wedding Color Scheme

Very often, brides who marry around December 25 or New Year’s choose to use a red and green color scheme. Perhaps this decision is made because the church or other venue has already been decorated. Using what is in place provides a beautiful setting while it cuts down the cost of the wedding. That’s a good thing.

A bride who chooses to use the traditional colors might choose a variegated holly or a unusual shade of red in the flowers to add a bit of spice. Using these colors leaves her with the lovely option of a seasonal cake to fit this color choice. The layers look like stacked gifts with a big bow on top and deep red roses at the corners. The entire cake can be nestled in evergreen needles and variegated holly for a very traditional look.

It is easy to use some of the Christmas decorations that may already be in place. Unless her contract for the venue says otherwise, the bride can remove the baubles that will clash with her own choices and keep what works. (Always remembering, of course, to have some of your closest family and friends to fix things back after the wedding.)

By using the greenery as a backdrop and adding deep burgundy accents and snowflakes, stars and icicles in gold, plus hundreds or thousands of miniature white lights, a bride can create a luxuriousness and a “wonderland” feeling. If a bride loves the warmth of burgundy, but does not want a Christmasy wedding, she can still use the basic burgundy-ivory-gold theme with different decor for a completely different “feel” to her wedding.

A bride might prefer to go with a color scheme that uses predominately green and white, then select an “icy” shade of about any other color for accent – icy pink, perhaps, or icy yellow? Whatever a bride’s favorite color is, she can use much of the decorations already in place, replace a few and have her own color scheme.

Certain denominations use “Christmon” decorations in gold and white for the sanctuary, which makes for an attractive green, white and gold color scheme.

Creating Winter Wedding Color Schemes That Are Not Holiday Related

For the bride who wishes to skip the holiday color scheme, there are some very satisfying winter looks that will delight her and her guests as well as make great photos and “forever memories.”

Using snowy white as her basic color, a winter bride might choose to add an icy blue or use various shades of blue along with touches of silver – such as ribbons or spray-painted branches to create an icy theme.

White, black and silver can create a sophisticated color scheme, or even a fun theme when some of the decorations are snowmen and/or penguins.

Another fun combination might be just black and white with splashes of bold colors thrown in – perhaps by using large single blossoms for stark contrast. Some lilies, including calla, make quite a statement when individual blooms are used.

A winter bride might prefer to keep her color scheme simple with two colors. White and silver when paired with the right decorations of snowflakes and stars is particularly elegant, as is white and gold.

The color possibilities are endless for the couple who have chosen to marry in the winter. No matter what color scheme a winter bride chooses, she can mix it up by choosing flowers that are unexpected – white tulips, narcissus or calla lilies – and by making sure she uses mirrors and lighting effectively.