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Uncommon June Holidays and Their Meaning: Summer Holidays are Less Popular but Just as Fun as Winter Holidays

Fall and winter holidays are widely known due to their high popularity and publicity. Less commonly known are the summer holidays which occur in June. June holidays are much less known and less traditional then holidays at other times of the year. Many holidays in June celebrate the common, mundane and often bizarre events that many people are unaware of.

First Friday in June: National Doughnut Day

This day was established in 1938 by the Chicago Salvation Army in order to raise funds during the Great Depression. Additionally, this holiday is in honor of the ‘lassies’ who served doughnuts and other food to the soldiers on the front line during WWI. The women would often cook the doughnuts in oil inside the helmets of the soldiers.

June 5: World Environment Day

Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, World Environment Day is assigned a new theme each year as well as a host city. The purpose is to increase worldwide environmental awareness of the chosen theme and to encourage political and citizen action.

June 9: Bahá’ís Martyrdom of the Bab

This day is a Baha’i Holy Day in which Baha’is around the world commemorate the Martyrdom of the Bab at noon. Work is suspended on this day.

Beginning of June (or late May): Shavuot

This is the Jewish holiday commemorating the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses and Mt. Sinai. The day is celebrated with a festive dairy meal, often accompanied by cheesecake. The exact dates vary yearly according to the Jewish calendar.

June 14: Flag Day

Flag Day is a day for all American’s to show respect and appreciation for the United States flag as well as its designers and makers. It is also a day to learn its history and the proper way to display the flag.

Third Sunday in June: Father’s Day

The first Father’s Day celebration occurred in Spokane Washington in May of 1910. Today, the day is a special day for kids to spend extra time with dad by taking time out of everyone’s busy schedule. It’s a time to show appreciation to dad, whether biological, step-dad, adopted dad or other father figure in the child’s (and adult child’s) life.

June 21 – First Day of Summer

This day signifies the official change as the last day of Spring and the first day of Summer.

June 21: Cuckoo Warning Day

This day works much like Groundhog’s Day in which the groundhog’s shadow is used in determining the weather and seasons. If the sound of the cuckoo is heard on this day, it signifies a wet and rainy summer.

June 28: Insurance Awareness Day

Officially this is a day to increase insurance awareness, whether it be home, auto or life insurance. Mostly, this is a day for insurance companies to increase awareness, spread the news, and promote insurance. For individuals however, it can be a time to review current insurance policies, check for cheaper and better insurance coverage, and be assured of the best policies available.