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TV & Film Gift Sets Make for Ideal Holiday Gifts: The Perfect DVD Box Sets for TV and Film Lovers

Television Treasures

My So-Called Life

When it comes to mid-90s, grungy teenage angst, ‘My So-Called Life’ – the series that propelled the ingénue Claire Danes into the Hollywood stratosphere – is the series that hit the mark perfectly. Mourned by fans as being one of the best of the best of television shows that were prematurely axed, the short-lived series took an unflinching looking at the perilously confusing world known as ‘teen years’. The lead character, 14-year-old Angela, goes from being a nerdy wallflower in Junior High, to a girl who wants to experience more in high school, even though it means abandoning her old friends for the eccentrically disturbed but always-exciting Rayanne.

The box set comes with DVDs with intimate cast and crew commentary as well as a book that is a hybrid of a yearbook and the notes that every high school student passed right under the teacher’s nose.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It was the show that took a B-rated movie and launched a series that garnered devotees from all age groups and all social circles. The collector’s set – with 40 discs in all – comes in sturdy box where each individual season is placed in mosaic of the faces of the characters. In addition to the standard episodes, the package includes bonus discs with conversations with cast and crew as they reflect on life on the Hellmouth, the parallels between high school and life among demons and a look at why Buffy is the role model that girls need in this day and age.

Cinematic Classics

Brat Pack Collection

It’s too 80s to resist. Packaged in a trapper keeper, the three disc series features The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Weird Science as well as a bonus music CD with songs such as ‘Pretty in Pink’ by the Psychedelic Furs and ‘Oh Yeah’ by Yello.


The ultimate in black teenage comedies, Heathers can now be bought in a limited edition box set where the discs are inside a metal locker with a working combination, a hardcover Heathers yearbook, Heathers magnets and a shirt that reads ‘Big Fun’. The only thing more fun than mimicking the line “What’s your damage, Heather”, is enjoying these extras.

The Big Lebowski

The recently released 10th Anniversary Limited Edition, (eagerly anticipated by the legions of Lebowski followers), is ideal for the ‘Dude’ in your life. With Jeff Bridges as the stoned ‘hero’, (well…sort of), and John Goodman as his easily-angered sidekick, this quirky cult classic – formatted in a 2-Disc edition with bonus features galore – comes encased in a bowling ball.

(White Russians not included)