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Thrifty, Green Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts from Recyclables

Christmas is a time for family, friends and celebration. Gift giving is an important part of the holiday season.

This holiday season, festoon your Christmas gifts using repurposed materials from your own home to save money and reduce waste. These creative and easy ideas use easy to find unwanted materials and are a great way to be a little greener over the holiday season

Materials to Use Instead of Christmas Wrapping Paper

There are a variety of materials commonly found in most homes that can be used instead of wrapping paper this holiday season.

Consider using brown paper grocery sacks to wrap your presents. When festively adorned with a holiday ribbon and other trimmings, a simple brown paper can appear very festive, as will as tasteful in its simplicity.

Brown paper can also be decorated to look festive. Allow children to draw their own wrapping paper using old typing paper or brown paper. Let them be creative. These homemade papers can be just as beautiful, and can be meaningful to relatives and friends.

Using scraps of material and cloth are also viable and tasteful ways to wrap Christmas presents. Squares of material are reusable every year and only need to be ironed out each holiday season, saving you money in the future on wrapping paper purchases.

Look around your house for other paper that might be useful as wrapping paper. Pages from magazines, if large enough can make beautiful wrapping paper. Old maps, pictures from expired wall calender, sheets of old, unwanted music, full page ads from newspapers, sheets fallen from books, can all make beautiful wrapping paper for presents. Be creative.

If you do use any form of paper to wrap presents, whether scavenged or store bought, make sure to recycle the paper when no longer useful.

Make Your Own Bags or Gift Wrappings to be Thrifty & Green this Holiday Season

Making your own bags, boxes, and gift wrappings is a great way to be green, and save money in the long run on wrapping Christmas presents.

There are a variety of easy sewing projects to make simple reusable cloth sacks and boxes to wrap presents. Although these may present themselves as time consuming the first year, they are reusable and can be used for decades after to wrap gifts. You also can use scraps of materials you may already have. Other repurposed cloth, such as scavenged clothe from old plaid shirts, an old Christmas table cloth, or other scavenged fabric from your home to create festive and fun holiday gift boxes.

If not up for the challenge of sewing your own bags and boxes, consider making them using other recyclables from your home. Cover containers with fabric or wrapping paper to make reusable gift boxes. Coffee containers, shoe boxes, and other containers are great as repurposed gift boxes.

Reusing gift boxes and bags will not only reduce waste, but will save you time wrapping presents in the future.

Money-Saving & Free Trimmings: Green Adornments and Gift Tags using Recyclables

There are a variety of ways to thriftily and greenly trim your holiday gifts. Instead of using plastic ribbons keep a stash of real ribbons to use every holiday season. Real, fabric ribbons are much more tasteful then plastic ribbons, and after multiple holidays, will save you money.

Consider making your own gift tags. Cut tags from old Christmas cards. Cut out images from holiday magazines and paste onto scraps of paper.

Also consider foraging for natural adornments to embellish your holiday gifts. Holly, ivy, pine cones, and other winter foliage can be a beautiful embellishment to a Christmas present. Go on a winter walk in a local natural area and see how many winter berries or foliage you can find to festoon your holiday gifts.