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The Best Tween Gifts for Girls 8-12 Years Old: Christmas and Birthday Gift Card Ideas for Tween Girls

Girls of any age love to shop. Tween girls are at a point when they enjoy making a lot more of their own decisions. Giving a gift card allows for them to make some of their own choices, while working within a budget. It also allows for them to get items they really want. Here are some popular gift card choices.

Toys R Us Gift Cards

Girls can go crazy and have a blast shopping at Toys ‘R’ Us. There are lots of games to choose from and plenty of fun crafts such as bead sets and sand kits. Tween girls can have fun with activities featuring their favorite Disney stars. There are also lots of stuffed animals to choose from and plenty of movies, video games and hair sets to check out.

Old Navy Gift Cards for Girls

Girls can get the coolest, newest looks at Old Navy. They can shop for casual wear such as jeans and graphic T-shirts, or find more dressed up looks such as skirts, sweaters and dresses. Old Navy has accessories, such as scarves and tights, to stay warm in the winter months and beachwear for those hot, summer days.

Claire’s Gift Cards

Claire’s has an excellent selection of jewelry and accessories at reasonable prices. They have the most up to date trends for tween girls. For girls who are wanting to get their ears pierced and who have parental permission, Claire’s has a nice assortment of starter posts and girls can get their ears pierced at the store.

Disney Store Gift Cards

Girls can pick out clothes and accessories with their favorite Disney characters, choose the latest Disney CDs and DVDs, and find character toys with a Disney Store gift card. This card would be great for a girl who loves Tinkerbell.

Target Gift Cards

With a Target gift card, girls could select from clothes, jewelry, books, toys, CDs, and DVDs. They could also choose boutique items such as nail kits, lip gloss and cologne, which are age appropriate for 8-12 year old girls.

Jamba Juice Gift Cards

Looking for an inexpensive gift card? Consider getting one for Jamba Juice. Gifts cards start at $5. What’s great about Jamba Juice is that kids love them and they’re actually healthy!

Gift cards are a safe way to go when buying a gift for a tween girl. Not only will she have the fun of shopping, she’ll get to have something new as well. Many stores sell gift cards online, so it makes them easy to buy, too.