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The Best Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids: Making Homemade Ornaments With Children

Holiday crafts for kids can be a great way of decorating the home and getting kids excited about the upcoming holiday season. They also make fun, personalized gifts. Not only can homemade ornaments be hung from a tree, they can be used to decorate door knobs, windows, and other areas of the home too. Here are five ornaments that kids of all ages can make.

Snowy Pinecone

To make these winter ornaments, gather several large, fallen pinecones, some white acrylic paint, iridescent paint medium and red ribbons. Mix the iridescent medium into the white paint, and paint the inside tips of each branch of the pinecone. The pinecone should be turned so that it opens from the top down, making each branch look as though it is covered in sparkling snow. Tie a red ribbon to the top edge for hanging.

Glitter Bulb Ornaments

This simple craft is a fun way to dress up plain, inexpensive glass ornament bulbs. Gather together several plain bulbs of different colors and sizes, along with plain, white glue, different colors of glitter, and a paint brush. The glue can be squeezed into different patterns on the bulb, such as stripes, circles, dots or the child’s name, and then covered with shaken glitter to highlight the design.

Painting the glue, slightly thinned with water, onto the bulb can allow the bulb to be completely covered in glitter. Layered effects can be created by first covering the bulb in glitter, and then squeezing glue in designs on top to be covered in a second color of glitter.

Beaded Wreaths

To make a small beaded wreath, gather green and red pipe cleaners, as well as green and red plastic beads, with a wide enough opening to fit over the pipe cleaner. Beads with three “spokes” coming off the center work best, but any large centered bead, found at most craft stores, will work well.

Thread green beads onto the green pipe cleaner, using one red bead periodically, and twist the pipe cleaner into a circle when covered. Use the second, red pipe cleaner to form a bow, and tie to the top of the wreath. A wire hook can be threaded through the back for hanging.

Clay Ornaments

Purchase some air dry clay at any craft store, along with acrylic paints. Create ornaments by cutting shapes out of rolled clay with a cookie cutter. Bells, trees, and snowmen can then be painted once the clay is dry. Be sure to poke a hole in the top of the ornament before it dries to tie a ribbon for hanging.

Homemade Shrinky Dinks

Take the lids from plastic containers with a recycling symbol of “six” or less. Cut shapes out of the plastic, and color them with markers or colored pencils. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of the ornament. Be sure to make these as large as possible, as they will shrink down considerably.

Place the plastic pieces on a baking sheet and place in an oven pre-heated to 350 degrees. Watch closely as the plastic shrinks and curls and remove the finished pieces. The colors will darken and brighten, and the plastic will harden into small, hard versions of the original piece. This will only take a minute in a hot oven, so be sure not to leave the plastic unattended. Tie a ribbon or use an ornament hook in the hole punched at the top to hang the plastic ornaments.

Homemade ornaments can make home decorations special during the holidays. Try hanging pine cones, or plastic ornaments from windows and doorways, and decorate bedroom doors with small, beaded wreaths. Getting everyone into the holiday spirit is easy and fun when a family creates crafts together. So gather supplies, set aside some time and create homemade ornaments as a family today.