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The Best Advent Calendar Crafts for Kids: Make Advent Paper Chains, Sock, Card and Nature Calendars

The Christmas countdown is on! For kids, there are few things that are more exciting than the days leading up to Christmas. Celebrate advent and the Christmas season with these simple advent calendars that children can make. These advent calendars are also ideal for those who love crafts but are intimidated by the many less-than-simple advent ideas!

The Advent Paper Chain

Create a paper chain for advent! Take red, green, and white paper, or for those who feel ambitious, add some gold and silver. Using a permanent marker or stickers, add the numbers one to twenty-four onto the links. Make the paper into circles. The children can choose how the advent will work: either place a new link onto the chain every day of advent, or cut off a link each day. Either way, the children can decorate the links with stickers, glitter, and other craft materials.

The Baby Sock Advent Calendar

Finally, there is a use for mismatched baby socks! Ideally, these socks would be somewhat festive in color, but this depends on the household décor as well. Clip the socks onto a piece of string with a clothes peg. Glue a number on each one. Place little gifts into each small sock. The children can participate by making gifts for each other and going on a sock hunt through the house! It’s also possible to make this advent calendar using tiny paper bags, mismatched gloves, or other objects that could become a miniature bag.

The Card Calendar

This advent calendar involves old Christmas cards and some fancy scissors. Choose craft scissors with a fancy serrated pattern. Find twenty-four old Christmas cards. Cut out similar-sized square cards from the larger cards. This is a perfect job for preschoolers who are very enthusiastic about scissors. Glue the cards onto a large sheet of paper or cloth with the picture facing upwards. Open a new card every day. Those who feel more ambitious can hide small items inside the cards and close them with a piece of Velcro. For example, this is the perfect opportunity to hide little paper dolls.

The Nature Advent

Go on a trek to find smooth, flat rocks. Collect twenty-four of them and use a marker to place the days of advent on the rocks. Use white glue to place a picture on the bottom of the rock, one that could go into a Christmas scene. Children can draw the pictures or cut them out from magazines.

The Candle Advent Calendar

The candle advent is a perfect opportunity to use Christmas pictures and learn basic decoupage. Cut out thin pictures from magazines or find Christmas stickers. Use white glue to stick the pictures onto white or cream-colored candles. Cover the pictures with a layer of glue. Alternatively, use glitter glue to add sparkle to basic white or red candles. Light one candle for each day of advent. On the last day, light all of them.

Advent calendars are way to celebrate the Christmas season and count down to Christmas. Get into the Christmas spirit by making an advent calendar with children – one that they can cut, glue, glitter, and create!