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Thank You Cards Close the Holiday Season with a Friendly Note

Thank you cards aren’t just for wedding presents A great thank you card is the perfect way to wrap up the holiday season, to thank good friends and family members, and to keep the lines of communication open in the New Year.

It might seem that thank you cards are so formal that they are out of place unless you are using them following a wedding, bridal or baby shower. However, they are a wonderful way to thank friends and family and to keep in touch in the New Year. Thank you cards need not be expensive, they can be ecards, or written on standard stationary, the point is that they arrive after receiving a gift or an invitation and serve to thank the host or the gift giver.

There are a lot of occasions that require a thank you card, being invited to a party, receiving a gift from anyone, including immediately family like parents, grandparents, siblings or children are all occasions that may require some form of recognition with a thank you card. Closer relations may entail less formal thank you cards, like stationary or ecards, while more distant relations should be acknowledged through more formal means.

Bear in mind that the choice of thank you card may also be generational. Although relatives may be thanked with an ecard, if they are not technologically savvy, or if they do not value a paperless card, this is not really an option. With that in mind it is, therefore, important to ensure that you have a variety of thank you cards options available. However, unlike formal events like a wedding or a bridal/baby shower, it is not necessary to have cards that related specifically to the holidays, regular cards will do.

Thank you cards should have an appealing, but generic image, something that can be sent to a man or a woman, as well as children and the elderly. Cards with non-generic images should be saved for use within a specific social circle. For example, you wouldn’t send a card with the picture of a woman shopping in Paris to an uncle, this card should be reserved for close female relatives or female friends. Once you have selected your card you should focus on refining your message.

Wording of thank you card for the host of an event The most important thing about the card is to ensure that the message conveys a sense of gratitude but is also personalized. Some cards do have nice pre-printed messages; however it is also possible to have personalized cards printed; however, it may be just as easy to add a personal message to a blank card. Even if the card has a pre-printed message, it is appropriate to add something personal, for example:

Pre-printed message “thank you for thinking of me.”

Additional personal message

Dear Betty,

Thank you for the invitation to your wonderful cocktail party. It was great to reconnect with you and so many other friends from our graduating class. Thank you so much for organizing this event, and for including me. Please keep in touch.

All the best,


This message is great for a couple of reasons:

  1. It thanks the host specifically for the invitation to the party.
  2. It tells the host specifically what the sender enjoyed about the party.
  3. It expresses the sender’s interest in participating in future events, but isn’t pushy .
  4. It opens the door for a continuation of the friendship between the sender and the host on a more personal level.

Wording of thank you card for gifts Like the wording of a thank you card for an invitation, a thank you card for a gift should be specific, something like this is most appropriate:

Dear Betty,

Thank you for the lovely toaster oven; it is a very thoughtful gift, and one which I have already put to good use. It was nice to see you, and I hope that we can get together again soon.

All the best,


This card conveys Sally’s gratitude for a specific gift, noting that she has found it useful, and thoughtful.

Names Before starting to fill out your thank you cards, be sure to double check the spelling of the receiver’s name, and be sure too, that you are employing the correct honorific – most notably with women: do they go by Miss, Ms., or Mrs.?

Although there are no hard and fast rules about thank you cards, these are some general guidelines. Thank you cards, either as printed cards, or as ecards, should be sent to acknowledge gifts and invitations to parties. There are many options available for card designs and appropriate wording; be sure to select the option that is most suitable to your current situation. One of the greatest things about thank you cards is opening the mail box after the holidays, and seeing a personal envelope waiting there, it’s like receiving another gift in the middle of January.