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Temporary Christmas Jobs: Finding Seasonal Vacancies to Earn Money

From September onwards, employers are reviewing their staff numbers to calculate how much extra help they need to cope with the workload at Christmas. This is a good opportunity for anyone who needs extra money to find temporary work to help with bills or credit card debt, and to relieve the extra financial pressures of a family Christmas.

Surveys conducted by Fish4Jobs and Adecco suggest that employers are planning massive take up of extra staff this year and are currently expecting to spend a quarter of their time on recruitment procedures for seasonal staff. It’s clear that employers across the UK are expecting a huge rise in Christmas spending in areas such as retail, hospitality and fast food sectors as well as in restaurants and smaller shops, despite the dire financial climate.

Finding Christmas Temporary Work

Many employers will advertise in job centres, local newspapers and online, but being pro active can often mean sourcing those jobs before those companies fill their vacancies. Calling the HR departments, or visiting them in person and asking for a list of vacancies or an application form suggests keenness and self motivation, as well as cutting down the time waiting for paperwork to be sent through the mail.

Legislation dictates that pay is at least minimum wage. The law is there to protect employees from being exploited and short-changed: there is dignity in employment and self respect in expecting that one be paid the going rate for the job being done. If low rates are being paid then this needs to be challenged too, so that others working there will not continue to be exploited and the management can have their attention drawn to their legal responsibilities.

It’s advisable to find out if expenses are payable or if petrol and maintenance are included in the pay. These details need to be in writing, to include the amount of expenses being paid and the actual amount of the hourly rate. There may well be tax obligations if work is going to be classed as self-employed, in which case the amount earned and any expenses incurred should be added to the self assessment tax return.

Temporary Opportunities at Christmas

  • Shelf stacking
  • Storerooms
  • Factories
  • Portering in hospitals
  • Bar staff
  • Waiters and waitresses
  • Office work
  • Santa Claus
  • Mystery shopping
  • Sales assistants
  • Fast food servers
  • Taxi services
  • Cleaning – offices, hotels, pubs

Before applying for work over the Christmas period it’s important to be aware of one’s physical limits as well as knowing how one copes under pressure. There is a big difference between being on one’s feet for part of the week in college or looking after children part time, and standing for up to twelve hours a day in a stressful and busy retail environment.

It may be necessary to work extra hours to earn extra money but this may be counter productive if physical exhaustion becomes overwhelming to the extent that it impacts on emotional wellbeing and family life. Many people will be working at a day job as well as feeling compelled to work extra hours in the evenings to make ends meet and it’s important to ensure adequate rest and recovery.

It would be devastating for workers to put so much energy into earning enough to pay all the bills and to be able to provide a wonderful Christmas for friends and family, if they are then too exhausted to enjoy the results.