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St. Patrick’s Day Party for Families: Kids Holiday Activities

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the world annually on March 17. This year, plan a party that the whole family can enjoy. Design invitations, choose kid friendly games and activities, and create a menu that please guests of all ages.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Invitations

The first step to planning a successful holiday party is to set a date, time, and place. Given that St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17, that date would be the obvious choice.

Sometimes this holiday happens during mid-week. A middle of the week party is not ideal for families with children. In the event that March 17 is on a school day, try choosing the next best weekend date. Remember that this is a child focused party and select an afternoon or early evening time.

Once the date and time have been set, it is time to craft the invitations. Children can create unique hand made shamrock party invites or parents can help them to print out ready made free invitations from one of many different websites.

Before the invitations are sent or hand delivered, place a specific RSVP date on them. This way there will be some idea of how many children to expect at the party. Knowing an approximate guest count will help in planning for crafts, games, and food/menu.

St. Patrick’s Day Themed Food and Recipes

Add a bit of the Irish to the party with St. Patrick’s Day themed menu selections. Try to make appropriate food choices based on the number and age of party guests. For example, a family party that includes adults and children of various ages calls for a wide menu with foods that will appeal to both the young and old. Conversely, a menu for a kids only party may want to include mainly child friendly dishes.

Plan a mix of different items. Instead of only serving cupcakes and cookies, add in more substantial (or main course type) recipes such as corned beef and cabbage or an Irish stew. Some families may have traditional Irish recipes that have been handed down through the generations. Share these with friends and family during the party.

For interesting and different recipes try some of the St. Patrick’s Day ideas at the Food Network’s website. These include both modern and traditional creations from celebrity chefs such as Rachael Ray, Alton Brown, and more.

Kids’ Games, Activities, and Crafts for St. Patrick’s Day

Plan a variety of holiday inspired activities that are age appropriate for guests. These can include:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Games: Look for traditional Irish games such as hurling or Gaelic football (for an outdoor game suitable for adults and teens), or create special holiday themed party games. Indoor fun for families with young children may include a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt, a shamrock matching game, or shamrock bingo.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Crafts: Kids can craft glittery shamrocks, design a holiday collage, or finger paint with green for a fun party art activity.
  • Other activities: Be creative and think of additional holiday themed activities for children. Examples include, decorating (and eating) blank shamrock shaped cookies with green icing and sprinkles, making a fun party t-shirt using child safe fabric paints (check age safety labels first), learning traditional Irish dances, or playing Irish music.

Kids can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this March with a festive family party. From designing invitations to playing Irish games, these party planning activities will entertain and educate children.