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St. Patrick’s Day Family Fun: Fun Things to Do With Kids This March

March can be a difficult month for parents looking for fun things to do with kids. Winter fun is over but spring hasn’t officially arrived yet. With a little food coloring and some holiday decorating, every family can find a pot of gold to help make March a little more fun.

Family Fun With Food Coloring

Create a fun surprise for kids on St. Patrick’s Day morning to get everyone into a festive spirit with a little food coloring and some milk. Purchase milk for the day or week in a container which will conceal its contents. Add a few drops of green food coloring to the milk the night before and watch the fun when green milk gets poured into glasses and cereal bowls.

For additional family fun try baking cookies or cupcakes and adding some green food coloring to frosting and decorating materials. Kids can bring the finished products to school to keep the fun going.

Make a Rainbow and Pot of Gold

This activity works well for families with young children. To make a rainbow and pot of gold, gather together several types of mylar and ribbon in multiple colors, a small plastic pot, gold mylar, gold foil covered chocolate “coins”, and several small gold colored trinkets, such as charm bracelets for girls or gold colored toy cars for boys.

The night before St. Patrick’s Day or while the children are in school, make a path through the house with the various colored ribbon and mylar to make a rainbow trail that the children can follow. The rainbow can move into and out of rooms, up and down stairs and even out of doors if the weather permits.

At the end of the rainbow, place the plastic pot filled with gold mylar, chocolate coins and small trinkets for the children to find.

Serve a Rainbow in a Cup

This activity take several days to make. Parents can make it ahead of time and serve it as an after school snack, or families can make it together and watch the rainbow grow.

To start, gather together some clear plastic cups, enough for each person to have his own rainbow, and red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple Jello. Beginning with the red Jello, make the gelatin according to the directions, and pour approximately 1/6 of the mixture into the bottom of each cup. Allow it to chill and set over night.

Repeat with each of the remaining colors until a rainbow is ready to be served. To get the rainbows out of their cups, aim a hairdryer at the outside of the cups for a few seconds on all sides. The Jello should loosen and slide from the cups onto a plate, ready to eat.

Make a Rainbow Window Cling

These fun and colorful window clings will help brighten up the home while the family is awaiting spring. To make a rainbow window cling, gather together some plastic “page protectors” or some sheets of vinyl, the plastic needs to be heavy enough to remain flat, but flexible enough to peel away from the cling, as well as some white craft glue and food coloring in various colors.

Place the plastic sheet on a flat surface, and using the white glue plain, draw the outline of the rainbow, complete with separations for each color on the plastic. Next, mix up some white glue with the food coloring to achieve a rainbow of colors. Using a paint brush, fill in the rainbow sections with a heavy layer of each color, and allow the rainbow to dry completely.

Peel the rainbow off of the plastic sheeting, and stick it to any window. The window cling should peel off and stick again to multiple windows. For extra fun, place it directly in the path of sunlight to create a second rainbow elsewhere in the room.

Have fun building up to the holiday by creating these crafts and rainbows days before St Patrick’s Day arrives. Celebrate the end of winter in style, and give kids something to look forward to besides the start of spring.