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Printable Gift Cards – Holiday Presents: Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas Gifts Online for the Xmas List

It’s the day before Christmas, or even that morning, and the Xmas list isn’t complete. Or perhaps it’s Secret Santa day at work and Santa forgot. While the old way to handle last minute gift ideas involved a convenience store and some hastily-scribbled magic marker cartoons on a brown paper bag as “gift wrap,” nowadays procrastinators and the eternally forgetful have a safe haven for buying Christmas gifts online: printable gift cards as holiday presents.

Printable Gift Cards for Holiday Presents

Finding Christmas gifts online isn’t hard when printable gift cards are so easy. Most major online retailers offer a printable option, with a backup email being sent to the gift recipient in case they lose the printed gift card. Gift cards online typically contain a written description of the amount of the gift, a code used to enter at the checkout form for Internet retailers, and an expiration date or any exclusions that apply to the gift card, such as items that the card cannot be used to purchase.

For instance, Amazon.com offers emailed gift cards and has done so for over a decade. Amazon gift cards can handle almost any last minute gift ideas. All shoppers need is a credit card, a printer (preferably a color printer, but black and white will do in a pinch), and a pen to sign the printable gift card. An email is sent to the recipient which includes a code, and if the person loses the email or printed gift certificate, Amazon can retrieve that information if customer service is contacted.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas Gifts Online

Other major online retailers offering printable gift cards and certificates include iTunes, Barnes and Noble, WalMart, Borders, and Game Stop. GiftCertificates.com acts as a clearinghouse for many Internet retailers. Buy a SuperCertificate that recipients can then cash in for printable gift cards to stores such as Old Navy, Macy’s and more as holiday presents. No guessing what they want when it comes to buying Christmas gifts online!

Buying for someone who collects frequent flyer miles? Points.com sells points for frequent flyer programs including United, Delta, American and more, and hotel programs such as Marriott. Buying points is a perfect way to buy Christmas gifts online for the busy traveler.

Free Gift Wrap

Now the Xmas presents have been downloaded and printed and the Xmas list is complete. They need to be wrapped, so look for free gift wrap in the form of printable gift wrap and printable Christmas cards. In most cases, any color inkjet printer will do, and the templates provided give beautiful options for printing. As with buying Christmas gifts online and printing the holiday presents, givers can use last-minute ideas to wrap the presents as well!

With these last minute gift ideas any giver can find something that suits their recipient and that is given in the true spirit of the holiday. Add in free gift wrap and spur-of-the-moment Xmas presents can be purchased, printed, and signed in 15 minutes or less.