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Preparing the Perfect Holiday Celebration: For the Best Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year: Use Law of Attraction

The Holidays are a traditional time of celebration with family and friends. All too often, however, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year parties fail to deliver on the good cheer and joy both party guests and planners expect. Planning and preparation often place a large burden on hosts. It’s not unusual to hear a host or hostess exclaim “I hate the Holidays, they’re so stressful.”

Hanukkah party hosts are not the only ones with less than enthusiastic anticipation for Holiday celebrations. Invited guests, even family and friends, often find these events awkward and stressful. Between travel costs and arrangements, gift expenses, decisions to accept or decline invitations, what to wear, awkward party conversations, and the lure of too much rich food and drink, the Holidays can be far less satisfying than portrayed.

The Law of Attraction and a Perfect Christmas

There are, however, ways to get the most pleasure from the Christmas season by using the principles of the Law of Attraction. Recall that the Law of Attraction states that events of similar energy vibration are attracted to each other. The Universe is an energy entity, with visible material objects vibrating at low vibration levels, while higher vibration objects such as radio waves are invisible.

A person’s thoughts and emotions are also energy, with a range of vibration depending on alignment with the person’s inner being. Thoughts about events and circumstances a person wants – positive thoughts – are of a higher vibration than thoughts about what isn’t wanted – negative thoughts.

Think About A Successful Hanukkah

The hosts and participants in a forthcoming Holiday celebration can make it successful with the Law of Attraction by controlling their thoughts about the event. The first step is to become clear about what is wanted. This must be clearly in mind and framed in words and emotions that are positive and well-aligned.

It’s easy to know when the alignment is appropriate because the words and thoughts will cause the host or guest to feel good. The positive emotion of feeling good is a fail-safe means of determining that one is aligned to attract what is most wanted.

Once a perfect Holiday event is clearly in mind, the successful party hostess will regularly visualize it and carefully frame her thinking in positive terms. It’s very important to always focus on a positive end result. This keeps the host perfectly aligned to use the Law of Attraction in support of a successful Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year party.

Focus Thinking On A Positive Holiday Celebration

Although it’s useful to anticipate the things that could go wrong, such as running out of food, spills, bad weather, or conflicts among guests, it’s best to refrain from dwelling on these as too much thought about what isn’t wanted can attract just that. Instead, visualize harmony and graceful recovery from any unexpected event.