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Planning For A Holiday Wedding: Avoid The Stress Of Christmas Nuptials

In the Philippines, December is considered “balikbayan” (home-comers) season. A lot of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) and migrants come home to be with their extended families for Christmas. This is why a lot of Filipino couples set their wedding date close to this time. Any engaged couple might consider this date as well because it’s a special time for them and their families. Christmas without a wedding to plan can already be daunting. However, it’s possible to enjoy a hassle-free December wedding.

Plan A Year In Advance

It’s best for the couple to plan a year in advance. A lot of venues for receptions might be booked for Christmas parties. They need to make sure that they select several options and consider the weather conditions and peculiarities during the “ber” months. They also need to consider when the down payment is needed so they can make their choice before that date.

Send Out “Save The Date” Reminders

It will be a good idea if the couple can send out “save the date” reminders in the form of bookmarks, stickers or calendars six months in advance so that their guests can block them off and consider the date when they make their holiday and Christmas party plans. This can be sent even prior to the wedding invitation just to ensure that their guests mark their calendars. Guests from out of town or other countries can also be given ample time to plan their trips.

Prepare An Integrated Christmas and Wedding Calendar

To ensure that nothing gets waylaid or left to the last minute, the engaged couple can share one calendar to document both their holiday and wedding tasks. This way, they know what should be accomplished each day, nothing gets duplicated and there are no conflicting meetings or events. They can also get joint gifts for their friends and family so they lessen their individual shopping.

Prioritize And Drop Activities If Needed

The couple needs to agree on their Christmas and wedding priorities. They need to remember that Christmas is not just about gifts and their marriage is not just about their wedding. They shouldn’t try to do everything. They may have to drop some parties or set a time limit for party-going so that they can focus on more important activities like getting enough sleep and enjoying each other’s company.

Set A Wedding and Holiday Budget And Bring It Along At All Times

Christmas can be an emotional time of the year. The desire to please others or make an impression drives some people to splurge. The engaged couple doesn’t have to break the bank to have a memorable holiday and wedding. They just need to pre-agree on what they will spend on while they are in a relaxed state of mind. Then they should take along this budget with them when they hit the stores or the suppliers so they don’t get carried away.

A holiday wedding is perfect for couples who want to ensure that visiting relatives will be able to celebrate their special day with them. While it might be potentially stressful, the engaged couple just needs to plan ahead, block off their guests’ calendars, prioritize what’s important and integrate their holiday and wedding schedule and budget.