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Pinecone Fire starters: A Fun, Economical Christmas Gift

This project requires adult supervision and uses hot wax, caution should be exercised when dealing with wax and stoves.

To create pinecone firestarters you will need:

Pinecones, small ones work the best. They need to be fully opened. If they aren’t, simply lay out in a warm dry place.


Gather up all the broken crayons and old candles in the house. Unwrap the crayons. If needed break the candles into smaller pieces.

Paraffin, usually found on the canning aisle of the grocery store. If you have enough candles you can skip this item

Thick string


Old pot

2 Metal coffee cans, use cans that fit inside the pot with at least an inch around the diameter, bend the top of one can to form a spout, this will be your pouring can.

Muffin tins

Wooden spoons

Wax paper

Old cookie sheets


Potholders or oven mitts

Cover the cookie sheets and your work area with wax paper.

Fill the pot with water up to the half way mark or a little less.

Place the paraffin or candles in the coffee can. If there is too much water empty some until the water line is less than halfway up the can, with paraffin or candles in the can.

Bring the water to a low boil and watch the paraffin/candles while they melt. Do not leave thearea while you are melting wax. Leave enough headroom at the top so that you can safely dip the pinecones.

Remove the pot from the heat and with tongs dip the pinecones in the wax, setting on the cookie sheets to harden.

Dip a long piece of string in the wax and lay on the wax paper to harden, this will be cut into 6-inch lengths for wicks.

Add more paraffin or candles plus crayons for color to the can with the spout and heat wax until it will pour easily. Remove any large pieces of wax to prevent splashing.

Using a potholder or oven mitt pour hot wax into muffin tins until at least ¾ of the way full.

Add wicks, run the wick up the side of the tin leaving a tail on the outside.

Set a pinecone into each cup making sure they are imbedded into the wax. You may need to add more wax.

Allow them to set up until fully hardened.

To remove from tins, run an inch or 2 of hot water into a large sink or in the bathtub. Set the bottom of the muffin tin in the water and they will loosen up enough to come out. Set on wax paper lined cookie sheets.

To present as a gift:

Take a dozen and place in a basket, cover the basket with clear cellophane and tie on a bow.

Include these instructions:

Use instead of paper! Place inside fireplace or campfire pit and put kindling on top. Light the wick and these will burn long enough to catch the kindling.

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