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More Green Holiday Decorating Tips: Save Time and Your Sanity with These Best Ever Eco-friendly Ideas

You’ll find that the best materials for a green Christmas can be found right at home. So, instead of one more fly-by at the mall, make gift-giving more personal by spending a day at home with the kids giggling and crafting your own special gifts.

Festive Coffee Can Gift Containers

  • If you’ve got a stash of empty coffee cans or other similar tins that have a removable lid on hand, you can use these as containers for wrapping your holiday gifts this year. They’re easy to cover with leftover wrapping paper you’ve saved from last year, wallpaper remnants, even the comic pages from your local paper.
  • To cover, measure the height of the can between the top and bottom metal rims and then measure the circumference. Once you have these measurements, you can cut out several sheets of wrapping paper in no time. Glue the wrap to the can and you’re done – no folding or fiddling for tape.
  • You can pack all kinds of neat things inside: chocolates for sister Susie, theatre tickets for Aunt Ollie, sugar cookies for the office, gloves for Gran, socks for Uncle John, an iPod for Louie, even diamond earrings for Mom (that’s a hint!).
  • Use shredded tissue (borrow an office paper shredder if you don’t have one at home) as packing to protect the contents of the can and remember to wrap chocolates and cookies with chocolates in wax paper first before placing in the can.
  • Unlike boxes, these cans will also do double duty after Christmas to store fragile Christmas ornaments, for holding pencils and craft supplies, or to stash whatever else you can think of.

Simple Tree Branch Door Decoration

  • If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive door decoration, this is as simple as it gets. All it takes is a simple branch of red berries, an evergreen bough, or any branch from trees in your garden. If you don’t have any garden (or trees), ask a neighbor if you can have a branch
  • Dress up the branch with holiday tree ornaments, small toys, cookie cutters, decorations you’re kids have made, pine cones, even tea strainers. Tie the decorations you’ve chosen to the branch with some pretty ribbon, add a ribbon loop to the center of the bough, hang it on your outside door, and you’re done.

Handmade Greeting Cards from Leftover Wrapping Paper

  • Why buy expensive holiday greeting cards when you can custom make your own boxful of professional-looking Christmas cards at a cost that even Scrooge would envy – almost nothing. And it doesn’t take time or talent. What it does take is leftover wrapping paper, a couple of cereal or tissue boxes, scissors and white paper glue.

Finding things in your own home that you can reuse and recycle to decorate your home with will save you not only time and money, but maybe your sanity, too.