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March Break Ideas on a Budget: Five Tips for a Fun-Filled, Frugal Holiday at Home

There are so many ways to have a fun, entertaining (and sometimes free!), week away from work and school. Here are 5 ideas that are sure to keep both the kids and wallet happy.

Visit a Maple Syrup Festival

Maple syrup season is in full swing by March and can be an inexpensive day trip for the whole family. Most syrup farms offer tours of the grounds, as well as lessons in making the sugary, gold substance and the best part – taste testing. Getting outdoors for the day is a great way to break up the week and will cut cabin fever.

Create a Camp Site at Home

Who says camping means hiking into the wilderness to pitch a tent? Bring the fun of camping right into the home by setting up a tent in the basement, if there is space. If not, make-shift tents can be easily made out of sheets and chairs.

Gather some sleeping bags, pop some popcorn or microwave some s’mores and curl up in the faux-forest to tell stories together. Children will love using their imagination as well as getting to snuggle with Mom and Dad.

Get the Kids Cooking

After a busy work day, hauling the kids into the kitchen sounds like an unproductive mess. However, on March Break, it can be a fun, stress-free opportunity to engage them in flexing their culinary muscle. This March Break, have a homemade pizza night where the children choose the toppings. Let them become the chef who dresses the pizza with the goodies of their choice. Giving the opportunity to create in the kitchen is not only engaging and fun, but makes for an inexpensive evening in.

At Home Art Gallery

Gather some paint, colourful construction paper, markers, glue or any other supplies and get crafting! All of the artwork that is created by the kids can be displayed around the rec room for all to see. Children will spend hours making various pieces of art, especially if they know their hard work will be appreciated and displayed. Do a simple Google search for tons of fun children’s craft ideas. March Break doesn’t have to be expensive, and crafts are a number one way to keep little ones occupied.

Check Local Listings

Though it varies from city to city, there are always fabulous March Break activities being offered around town. Everything from discounts on art galleries to family packages for ice skating shows. Doing a simple Google search for your town during the week of March Break is sure to pull up a handful of results that will keep the kids entertained.

Stop feeling frantic by knowing there are many options to keep the kids entertained – ones that won’t break the bank are sure to settle parents’ stress levels.