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Make Chanukah Decorations: Create a Six-sided Paper Star

This project provides children practice in folding paper. Children of different ages can work together, each managing a different part of the task. In an afternoon, a variety of Chanukah decorations can be created.

Make a Six-Pointed Paper Star

Use photocopy paper or cardstock in blue and white. Try using Chanukah gift wrap paper. This will require a little more time to cut squares. Use different patterned gift wrap paper and combine with solid color photocopy paper or cardstock for a variety of finished projects.

  1. Cut a square of paper. Six two-inch squares will create an approximately three-inch finished star.
  2. Fold the paper from side to side. Make the crease sharp. Unfold.
  3. Fold the paper from top to bottom. Sharpen the crease. Unfold
  4. Flip the paper over.
  5. Fold the paper on a diagonal, forming a triangle. Sharpen the crease. Unfold.
  6. Flip the paper over.
  7. Pinch together the two points connected by the diagonal fold.
  8. With the other hand, press the piece flat, forming a diamond shape.
  9. When you release the piece, it will open a bit, but that’s okay.
  10. Repeat. Create a total of six shapes using the same size pieces of paper.
  11. Line up the smooth diamond-shape side of each shape. Glue the shapes together, so the openings are all pointing the same direction. When all six pieces are glued together in a line, glue the end pieces of the first and last shapes together. This will form the finished star.
  12. Take a second shape and hold it so the opening points to the right. Line up the diamond-shape side of the second piece on top of the diamond-shape side of the first piece. The openings should face in opposite directions.
  13. With a needle and thread, embroidery floss, or string, poke a hole through the top piece of paper and tie into a loop.

Make a Hanukkah Garland

With a needle and thread, stitch together as many stars as desired to create a window or door garland. Look for the parts of the star where two shapes are glued together. Sew with needle and thread through the overlapped paper and attach that star to another star.

Make a Hanging Chanukah Decoration

  1. Fold the pieces, but don’t glue them together in the star pattern.
  2. Hold two of the shapes so the openings point in opposite directions. Line up the diamond-shape side of two pieces and glue together. Continue gluing the folded shapes together, alternating the direction the openings face – right, left, right, etc.
  3. Set the piece on a table, standing on the points, until the glue dries.
  4. With a needle, attach a piece of string to the top shape. Make a loop and hang. This piece can be make as long or a short as desired.

Once children learn the folding pattern, folded squares of paper can be assembled into a star or hanging decoration. Stitch small stars into a decorative garland or try making large stars to hang individually in windows or on the door.