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Last-Minute Gifts: Thoughtful Christmas Presents In a Hurry

Any hostess will appreciate a lovely holiday-themed arrangment for the home or table. Gift givers should avoid a generic foil-wrapped poinsettia and opt for a professional arrangment. Or they can turn the tables on the season and choose a selection of exotic lillies. Another good gift option would be an arrangement of spring bulbs or an extravagant display of Christmas roses.

Fruit is another good choice but again, it should be a little exotic to make it special, such as pomegranites, pineapples or mangoes. Quantity and quality also make a good impression, as in a case of Florida oranges or a bushel of apples.

Gifts that Warm the Heart and Home

Someone with a fireplace might approve a box of firestarters, scented pine cones and fireplace matches. Candles make a lovely hostess gift, especially if presented in a nice holder. Candlesticks with candles are another choice.

Matching gloves and scarves, cozy slippers, knit hats, or fancy socks can also make good last-minute Christmas presents. Smart hostesses buy these sort of items earlier in the year and keep them stashed away for gift-giving emergencies.

Photographs make welcome gifts. Friends and family members may already have candid shots the gift recipient would appreciate. A framed photo or a photo memory book can be a personal yet quick gift.

Gifts of Food and Drink

A good bottle of wine or liquor seldom goes unwelcome, especially if the gift giver takes the time to find out the recipient’s preferences. A cheesecake or pie from a good restaurant, a selection of cheeses or fine chocolates rate high on the list of good food gifts. It’s best to avoid tinned popcorn or cookies unless the giver knows the recipient has a special fondness for these items.

Giving Gift Cards

Gift cards may seem too easy to be a truly thoughtful last minute gift, but a gift card that invites the recipient to indulge herself or one that addresses a special passion or interest of the recipient can be a special gift. Gift cards for dinner at a favorite restaurant, a pampering treatment such as a massage or a service such as car detailing or even house cleaning, are the kind of thing most people hesitate to buy for themselves.

A good gift satisfies a secret desire, offers a welcome indulgence, and shows the giver bought the item especially for the recipient. The ideas above show that even last minute gifts can meet these criteria, and win smiles and thanks for the giver.