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Kids Give October a Holiday Makeover

Halloween falls on October 31 every year. Decorations go up as early as the last week of September and candy is bought in bulk long before September is gone. Come the first day of November all the candy, costumes and decorations are hastily put away.

The giddy celebrations of the night before are all but lost as people begin the frantic preparations for Christmas and, if they’re lucky, they’ll be able to celebrate Thanksgiving. All of October was in preparation rather than celebration. Halloween isn’t the only reason to look forward to the month that officially kicks off the autumn weather. With the help of these four holidays, October can become the month where every day is a day to celebrate a different holiday.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

With the onset of colder weather and the promise of snow soon to come, people start up their fire places and curl up beside their furry friends. For those who don’t have a furry friend, October happens to be a great month to adopt.

Shelters all over the country prepare for this nationwide holiday, which makes it easy and fun to adopt. This holiday is a great way to help millions of animals all over the nation by taking home a canine companion, young or expertly aged.

Sarcasm Month

For those interested more in the tricks than the treats, October openly encourages the practice of irony. Make sure the sarcasm is all in good fun, otherwise this is a holiday that won’t be worth celebrating the entire month. Since sarcasm is often more fun for the one dishing it out than the one receiving it, it is a good idea to involve everyone. Invent some fun new games that require the use of sarcasm such as sarcastic charades.

Cookie Month

The holidays are celebrated by gathering family together and by noshing on some amazing treats. These treats aren’t the kinds that are found in stores in the supersized bags for trick-or-treaters. These delectable goodies are homemade. Spend October making or devouring tasty homemade cookies, and don’t be afraid to branch out from the traditional recipes.

4. Computer Learning Month

Education isn’t generally associated with holidays and delightful goodies. This month go ahead and celebrate learning something new by getting to know the computer. Start small by learning the about what parts make up the computer. With all the technological gadgets that are part of daily life, it is a good idea to be a little tech savvy.

This October, don’t just let the month pass by with preparations for one day. Celebrate something a little new by trying out one of these fun and month-long holidays. Whether it be adopting a canine buddy, baking some cookies, using a little sarcasm, learning about the computer or making up a new holiday, make sure that October gets a well-deserved celebration.