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Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Pets: A Creative Guide to Making Homemade Pet Toys

Most animal lovers feel like their pet is a member of the family, so it should come as no surprise for there to be gifts under the tree for pets as well. Luckily, there are ways to treat Fido and Fluffy without going broke this holiday season.

Recycle Old Items Into New Toys For Pets

Entertain a curious cat for hours by cutting small circular holes into a box. Make the holes just large enough for a paw to reach in. Drop a ball or other small trinket such as a catnip sachet into the box and tape it shut. Make sure that the “lure” is large enough that it can’t be pulled through, and then watch the fun as kitty tries to fish out the prize.

Don’t throw out that old scarf with the hole in it. Instead, tie knots into it and instantly transform it into a cat toy or tug toy for the dog. Another inexpensive cat toy is as simple as rolling aluminum foil into a ball and letting it roll across the floor. Empty water bottles, paper towel or toilet paper rolls can also make equally entertaining toys.

To create a tennis ball on a rope, carefully drill two holes through a tennis ball and thread a length of rope through the ball and tie it off into a handle for throwing or tugging. No rope lying around? Create some out of fabric and use it instead, or if there isn’t a suitable substitute for rope, try sliding the ball into the bottom of a sock, tie a knot, and let fly.

Have an old pair of sweat pants lying around? Use the fabric to make fleece toys and braided fleece tugging ropes. Recycle an old pair of socks into a cat toy by stuffing it with catnip, or create a fishing toy with a length of dowel rod, string, feathers and tinsel.

Other items, such as an old pair of jeans, can have multiple uses. Transform it into a braided rope, catnip sachet, or stuffed toy. If the family dog likes sticks, create a dog toy out of an old block of wood left over from a home repair project.

Inexpensive Gifts for Pets

Toys don’t have to be elaborate to make a pet happy. In fact, making homemade pet toys can be as easy as taking a look around the house. Avoid making toys that could potentially harm or injure pets, and stay away from items such as bread ties or buttons that a pet might choke on or ingest. Make this holiday season a success with a little bit of old-fashioned ingenuity.