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Ideas for Green Holiday Cards and Letters: Save Resources and Postage with Electronic Holiday Greetings

Instead of sending traditional paper Christmas letters or cards through the mail this year, create green holiday cards and letters and send them as an attachment in an e-mail to friends and family. Electronic holiday greetings not only save paper and postage but also the fuel and other resources required to deliver holiday greetings to friends and families.

What are Green Holiday Greetings?

Green holiday greetings are any cards or letters made from recycled papers or with recycled materials. ECards and letters are also considered green holiday greetings since they are paper-free and don’t use transportation resources for delivery. ECards are ideal for sending to friends and family who are internet savvy.

Replace Traditional Christmas Letters with Green Holiday Greetings

Christmas letters have become a tradition for many families. Luckily, this holiday greeting is one that easily goes green. Traditional Christmas letters can easily be converted to green holiday greetings by creating a PDF file of the Christmas letter and sending as an attachment in an e-mail.

Many word processing programs feature holiday themed stationary templates that are ideal for creating unique Christmas letters and cards. To create green holiday greetings, open a new document and select a holiday template to use. Type a personal Christmas letter and insert any desired photographs or clip art. Save the file as a PDF file instead of printing. The green Christmas letter is now ready to attach as an e-mail sent to friends and family. For a personal touch when e-mailing, consider writing a personal message in the body of the e-mail and sending to each family separately, instead of sending the greeting out in a blanket e-mail.

Resources for Electronic Green Holiday Cards

For computer savvy individuals, personalized e-cards are quick and easy to make with presentation or desktop publishing software. To create green holiday cards with presentation software, simply open the software and create a new presentation. Select a holiday theme background or design for the presentation.

Design the first slide much like designs commonly found on standard greeting cards. On the second page, include a personal message or special holiday greeting. For a personal touch, insert a photo of each family member with their age and name below the photograph. Once finished, save the presentation as a PDF file and attach to an e-mail sent to friends and family.

For families short on time, there are several holiday eCard options available online. Popular card manufacturers like Hallmark and American Greetings also offer a full selection of holiday eCards. Or for families looking for holiday greetings full of personality, there is a wide selection of animated, humorous cards that can be personalized with family photos from Jib Jab.

Make this holiday season green by sending electronic holiday greetings to family and friends. Whether individuals select e-cards from an online retailer or write Christmas letters, they can save money and precious resources by sending electronic green holiday greetings this year.