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How to Get Through the Holidays while Your Spouse is Deployed

The holidays are a time for family and friends to get together and spend time together. It is everyone’s favorite time of year, but if your spouse is deployed it makes this wonderful time of year very difficult to enjoy. When you entered into this whirlwind relationship you knew to expect deployments and many nights spent alone, but the thought of spending the holidays alone doesn’t hit until it is happening to you.

Deployments vary depending on your spouse’s military branch, but you will more than likely miss at least one holiday that means something to you and your spouse wither it is Christmas, New Years, birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

Make The Best of It

Just like every other day that your spouse is gone, you need to make the best of it. During the holidays the feeling of self pity is ever more present and if you let it get to you too much you are not only going to make yourself miserable but you will make the people around you miserable as well. As much as you want to complain to your spouse about it, remember that they are going through the same thing and they are the ones spending the holidays in a tent or in a room full of guys away from their friends and family. You, on the other hand, are able to surround yourself with other loved ones and although they aren’t your spouse they will make you feel better. Do not lock yourself away from the world; it will only make you more upset.

Celebrate Together Despite the Distance

Here is the fun part; put together packages for your deployed spouse that celebrate the holidays. For Halloween send silly decorations, his favorite candies and funny cards. For Christmas send a miniature Christmas tree, miniature decorations (Target carries these), candy, fun toys and whatever other things remind you of past holidays with your spouse. Put your heart into it and have fun putting the package together, by the time you put that package in the mail you will certainly be feeling the holiday spirit. Word of advice; make sure to send your package about a month early because mail gets backed up around the holidays.

As hard as this time may be, you will get through it. When you are feeling sad about being apart think about the holidays you’ll have together when your spouse returns. Maybe plan on celebrating the holidays you missed when your spouse returns. And remember, keep in touch with a fellow military spouse because they know what you are going through and can always offer suggestions or just be there to listen and understand.