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Holidays in Gumbet: Maybe not the traditional Turkey but a good place to start.

Gumbet is, without doubt, a place that is dedicated to holiday makers, particularly younger ones with its many bars which open into the early ours of the morning.

Yet if you travel just out of the season you can benefit from the advantages of English speaking locals whilst using the resort as a base to discover some real Turkish Delights.

Located near the historic town of Bodrum where the Turkish Coast meets the Aegean Gumbet has been built on the ever growing European Holiday trade, especially that catering for younger travellers. This can mean that in the peak season the place is noisy and brash with bars pumping out loud music and many visitors staggering between bars throughout the evening.

Quieter Times

If, however, you travel just out of the main season, e.g. May or September, the town takes on a slightly different character. There still may be the few younger parties about but there is also a chance for the mature traveller to take in some of the sights, experiences and tastes of Turkey.

Gumbet is just a short distance from the harbour town of Bodrum which offers shopping, restaurants and historic buildings such as the 15th Century Castle. Excursions to Bodrum are available but the independent minded the taxi fare is reasonable or there is the famous Turkish Dolmus, a public minibus which costs very little and a ride that can certainly be described as unique! The word Dolmus means full or stuffed, and that should give some indication of what the travelling conditions can be like.

The Turkish Experience

Aside from visiting Bodrum, Gumbet also provides a base for other excursions and local customs visitors may like to try.

A visit to a Haman, a Turkish Bath, is reasonable priced and, as long as you can stand the heat, something worth trying, especially if you want to improve your tan. The combination of the heat in the vaulted hot rooms and the scrub provided by the staff cleans the skin in a way normal bathing cannot, leaving the skin feeling very smooth. Add to this a massage and you can leave the Haman in a very relaxed state.

But How About Gumbet Itself

Walking through the streets of Gumbet can seem like being caught in the middle of a Turkish Bizarre, every shop seems to have a man standing out front telling you the goods in his shop are the best and the most reasonably priced, however do not be lead in to buying something without shopping around first and finding where the best bargains are to be had.

Gumbet has its on market which takes place every Sunday. This has many advantages over the larger market held in Bodrum, it is a little smaller and considerably less busy, it is also open air whereas the Bodrum market is enclosed, with the combination of hot weather and to many bodies the heat in the building can be stifling and over whelming.

Whilst shopping may a little daunting eating certainly is not. Gumbet has a fine range of restaurants catering for most tastes. Many of the restaurants have friendly, helpful staff who add that little extra something to the meal. Some, such as the Pane Vino Café Bar, are situated on a balcony affording an excellent view over the bay and, if your timing is right, you can find your meal being accompanied by the sun setting over the hills behind the bay.

Some restaurants also offering special evenings where extra entertainment, e.g. belly dancing or Turkish folk music, so it may be worth seeking out when these occur and planning your holiday dining if you want to include (or avoid!) such things during you stay

Gumbet may not be every person’s cup of tea but it should not be dismissed out of hand and for those wishing to dip their toes in to Turkey for the first time it is a place where, literally, East meets West.