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Holiday Gifts for New Mothers: Postpartum Christmas & Hanukkah Presents for Moms of Newborn Babies

Looking for a great gift for the mom of a new baby? Here’s a tip: get something just for Mom. The house is probably filled with Boppy pillows and cute onesies and all kinds of presents for the new addition, so make the new mother feel special and buy her something too. Virtually all new moms are exhausted, sore, and less than thrilled about their bodies, so gifts that bring relaxation and pampering will be appreciated!

Here’s some great gifts for new moms:

  1. A night out with babysitting. Give her a gift certificate for a romantic restaurant and movie passes, and offer to watch the baby and any older children. She’ll be thrilled! Just be careful not to give her tickets to something that needs to be redeemed on a specific date, like theater tickets, because her schedule will be too unpredictable to make definite plans.
  2. A gift certificate for a pedicure or other spa services. New mothers feel incredibly unattractive, so give her something that will remind her that she’s still a babe.
  3. Fun and relaxing DVDs. Mom needs to unwind with something a bit mindless. DVDs are great because if she wants, she can watch them during feedings.
  4. High thread count sheets. Mom’s going to appreciate opportunities to sleep more than ever, so make her bed as blissfully comfortable as possible!
  5. Nice bath products. She may not get a lot of time to take a bath, but when she does, make it count! Be sure to choose bath products made out of natural ingredients and that won’t irritate that especially sore part of her body.
  6. A swanky diaper bag. Here’s one “for the baby” gift that’s great for a new mom, especially if she loves fashion and is bummed about exchanging her Gucci bag for a stinky diaper sack. An awesome diaper bag will bring some fashion into her life.
  7. A gorgeous nursing blouse. Pick something that’s flattering, sexy, and a little bit extravagant. Remind her that she’s still a beautiful woman–and that breastfeeding makes her even more beautiful!
  8. A personalized “new mom” Christmas ornament. Lots of people buy “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments, but one to mark mom’s big achievement is a great present too. Or you can personalize ornaments for the whole family– new mom, new dad, big sister, baby’s first Christmas, and so forth.
  9. A briefcase or other special items for work. This is a great way to show support for a working mom and to send the message that a new mother can have another identity too.
  10. A gift certificate to a clothing store. Mom’s clothing size may be all over the map for awhile, and her postpartum body might wind up a little different than it was before. She’ll probably need some new clothes, and a gift certificate will allow her to buy them when she needs them. Besides, the baby isn’t the only one who deserves an adorable outfit.