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Holiday Decorating – Festive Place Card Ideas: Easy Inexpensive Craft Ideas for Table Settings

There are tons of ready-made place card holders on the market, but making your own is fun and will show guests that you put an extra special touch in to their visit. Keep it simple or go all out. The key is to use some imagination and show a little creativity.

Here are some ideas for creating fun and festive holiday place cards and holders.

Creative Place Card Ideas

  • For a twist on traditional place cards, write down names on ribbons or tags and tie them to the backs of chairs. Add some evergreen and berries for additional seasonal flair.
  • Write names on pretty ribbon and tie them around napkins.
  • Fill a small, clear glass vase or votive holder with cranberries or nuts. Place a ribbon or piece of paper with guests’ names and have it stick out the top. (Feel free to spray paint nuts a color that matches the table décor).
  • Paint votive holders in chalkboard paint and write guests’ names on them. Light a candle inside and voila.
  • Tie a couple of candy canes together and add some evergreen or other seasonal greenery. Tie on a nametag and place it in the center of the plate.
  • Bake Christmas cookies and tie nametags to them, or write guests names in icing. Delicious and adorable!
  • Hardboil some eggs and paint them with pretty Christmas designs. Write either initials or full names and place them in eggcups at place settings. This is particularly cute for a holiday brunch.
  • Tuck a place card into a vintage clip-on earring in holiday colors to add sparkle to table settings.

Use Items From Nature to Make Place Cards

  • Go au naturel and create a nature-inspired place card holder. Put a bunch of tiny twigs together in a small bundle and tie them together with pretty Christmas ribbon. Add a little holly and then tuck in the nametag between the twigs. It will look like a little pile of fire logs.
  • Make a mini tree. Find a thick branch (around 2″ in diameter) and saw into slices. Drill or carve out a tiny hole in the center. Insert some little sprigs of greenery. Tuck a little card, or tie some ribbon with a name on it and place it somewhere around the place setting.
  • Take a piece of fruit (or a vegetable) and make a small slit in it. Tuck in a paper place card. Apples, clementines, pomegranates, or even sweet potatoes can work. It’s a little silly, but it has a sweet, natural appeal.
  • Spray paint pinecones to use as place card holders. A solid color is nice, but adding a little glitter will make them much more festive.

These are only a few of the millions of possibilities out there. Just about anything can be turned into a festive holiday place card holder, so get creative and have fun!