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Holiday Cookbook Reviews: Southern Living and Gooseberry Patch Titles

Busy cooks need not fret this holiday season. With planning, holiday entertaining is within reach. These Christmas cookbooks from Southern Living and Gooseberry Patch make it so simple and easy.

Southern Living Christmas Cookbook

  • With over 250 lush color photos, this is the ultimate holiday entertaining guide from Oxmoor House. This Christmas cookbook makes it so easy to plan holiday meals and parties. It has over 400 delectable recipes and 32 complete menus. This also features menu prep plans and valuable, time-saving tips.
  • It covers every type of event from brunches and lunches to cocktails and open houses. For stress-free entertaining, this has lots of quick and easy recipes, many of which can be made ahead of time. There are no-fuss dinners as well as easy holiday parties. Examples include a chili party and a coffee and chocolate party.
  • This holiday cookbook shows how to create beautiful table settings for the holidays. It really takes the guesswork out of place cards.
  • For those special people on your holiday shopping list, check out the simple and easy gift recipes. These include gift-in-a-jar items, such as minted hot cocoa mix, along with sauces, condiments, and confections for gift giving.


  • Brownies are the all-time favorite dessert any time of the year. They’re the perfect holiday cookie since they’re so simple and easy. These also make great gifts.
  • This book by Linda Collister was published by Ryland, Peters, and Small. For cookie lovers, it is indispensable. Along with decadently rich chocolate brownies, this also has enough blondies to suit every taste. While some cookbooks largely ignore blondies, about half of this title is devoted to non-chocolate ones. It even has a scrumptious, flourless brownie recipe.
  • This title is especially suitable for novice cooks. Anyone can create mouth watering, picture perfect, traditional brownies by following these foolproof, color illustrated, step by step directions.
  • Along with a complete introduction to brownies, this offers inventive ways to dress up these bar cookies. For parties and special occasions, it features all sorts of sauces, toppings, and other ideas. This also has brownie-based desserts, such as brownie ice cream pie and brownie ice cream.
  • In addition to no-frills, traditional brownies, the recipes introduce most any flavor you would want. The various flavorings include fruits, peanut butter, mint, mocha, rum, spice, and sour cream.

Christmas All Through the House

  • By Gooseberry Patch, this collectors’ edition features over 400 easy holiday recipes along with quick and easy gifts and over 200 holiday craft projects and ideas. This hardcover has a spiral binding.
  • An excellent title for busy cooks, this features all sorts of Christmas menus as well as a holiday party planner. It has quick and easy recipes you can make ahead of time, many of which are suitable as gifts.
  • This title features simple recipes for novice cooks. It covers every type of dish, including soups and stews for family get-togethers. This devotes a whole chapter to chocolate. There are recipes for cookie and candy exchanges, giftables, and classic Christmas dishes. These are arranged by event or theme. Sections are devoted to potlucks, breakfasts and brunches, and open houses.

Christmas with Southern Living

  • This title is essential for holiday cooks. It features 140 never-before published recipes along with over two weeks of simple and easy menus covering every sort of occasion. It also features recipes and menus with complete menu prep plans.
  • This provides ideas for every type of occasion. These include breakfast, brunches, family get-togethers, and holiday parties. There are recipes for every type of dish, including elegant entrees.
  • Whole chapters are devoted to gifts from the kitchen, holiday baking, and chocolate.
  • Those short on time will find lots of quick and simple recipes here. There are half-hour holiday dishes, no-fuss meals, and a quick and easy Christmas dinner.
  • This has a separate recipe index as well as a general index.