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Hand and Fingerprint Decorations: Easy Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers to Make

Christmas crafts made by children are often the most cherished holiday mementoes given as gifts each year. Whether they are tree ornaments or hand-drawn pictures of special Christmas memories, every decoration is unique and can be stored away for future Christmas celebrations. To add to the sentimental value of these treasured creations include a thoughtful poem or incorporate a picture of the child before giving as a gift.

Handprint Christmas Tree

Trace one of the child’s hands onto green construction paper and cut it out. Trace the handprint 22 times onto green paper and cut them out, making 23 green hands in total. Using a large piece of white paper as a background, glue five hands in a row on the bottom with the fingers pointing down. Leave enough room on the bottom of the paper for the trunk of the tree. Add another row of five hands above the first five hand row, overlapping slightly and angled in a bit. Next, add a row of four hands with fingers pointing down and then a row with four hands angled in a little. Do the same with three, two and one hand, making a triangle shaped tree. Cut out a star from yellow paper and make a trunk from brown paper. Have the child decorate the tree using glitter, ribbon and stickers.

Handprint Wreath

Trace around the hand of the child on green paper and cut the shape out. Trace this template seven more times, making eight handprints overall. Take two hands and glue the middle fingertip of one hand onto the edge of the palm of the other. Continue this pattern, making sure to angle the hands so a circular wreath shape is created. Once the wreath is dry decorate using red glitter and attach a ribbon for a finishing touch.

Thumbprint Reindeer Picture

On finger painting paper, help the child make thumbprints using brown paint. Each reindeer consists of three prints: one for the head, neck and body. Draw four legs, two antlers and a nose on each one to create the reindeer. Have the child use markers to create the rest of the Christmas scene and write a story about the picture afterwards. To make reindeer greeting cards, make single thumbprints with paint and decorate with antlers, eyes and nose.

Hand and Footprint Reindeer or Angel

An easy angel or reindeer decoration can be made by tracing each of the child’s hands and one of his or her feet. For both the angel and reindeer make the handprints out of a light coloured construction paper. If making the reindeer, trace a footprint on brown construction paper and for the angel use gold or yellow paper. To make the angel, cut a picture of the child’s face into a circle and glue it to the heel of the footprint. To finish the angel, attach the wings behind the picture and glue ribbon on the back for hanging. For the reindeer, add eyes and a nose to the footprint to complete the reindeer face.

Fingerprint Ornament

Preschoolers can make quick and easy Christmas ornaments by making fingerprint dots with colourful paint on the outside of glass Christmas tree balls. Let the balls dry and then hang with a ribbon. Simple and great for gift-giving!

Christmas decorations made from little finger and hand prints are great gift ideas for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, and activity leaders. Be sure to put the child’s name and the year on the decoration before giving as a gift or storing away for next year.