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Great Online Holiday Gift Cards & Certificates: Best Last Minute Options for Electronic Delivery with Low or No Fees

Last minute gifts have been the stressful bane of many people’s holiday oversights. For those people that retrieve the mail on December 24th, only to realize that they’ve received a gift from someone they hadn’t shopped for, the stress of last minute gifting can be unbearable! With the advancement of technology, there are now alternatives to save people from the embarrassment of their oversight. In addition, the following tips and suggestions can make the last minute gift appear to have been planned for late delivery! Gift cards and certificates are viable answers to this type of crisis, and by using online gift card sites and electronic gift certificates to simplify this task, anyone can ensure that each recipient gets the perfect gift.

Where to Find Electronic Gift Cards

Check out the following websites for a great jumping off point for last minute gift certificates.


This site is fantastic for everyone on your list! iCard offers emailed gift cards delivered within hours to the people on your list. With their new gift card, they can access the iCard site, choose which merchant they’d like to use the gift certificate for and either shop online or have a plastic gift card mailed to them at no charge, for use in brick and mortar stores. The purchaser of the iCard does pay a surcharge for this surface, which varies from $4 to $10 based upon the gift card’s dollar amount.


This is another site that provides a similar service to iCard. Gift certificates, called or emailed gift certificates will be sent to the recipient and these “supercertificates” can be exchanged or used at a variety of merchants. The flexibility of the gift card denominations ($5 increments) and the great graphics on the personalized gift certificates make this site a favorite of many.


This website offers a fabulously simple online gift card alternative. The Virtual Gift offers last minute shoppers the ability to give Visa debit cards to anyone in a matter of a few hours, without the extra cost of shipping and handling fees. Once the Virtual Gift is ordered online, the gift recipient will receive an email notification that includes a link. By following this link the recipient can activate his or her VirtualGift, and in effect it becomes a Visa debit card that can be used online or over the phone with any merchant who accepts Visa debit cards. What a great way to provide total flexibility, even at the last minute! GiftCards.com does charge a $4 processing fee for each Virtual Gift, but there are no maintenance or usage fees associated with this online gift card.