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Give the Best Holiday Gift Cards & Certificates: Cool Wrapping & Presentation Ideas for Last Minute Card Gifts

Gift Cards are great for many occasions, however handing an envelope over as your Christmas present can seem a little bit like a cop-out. Rather than tucking a gift card in an envelope, or even worse, inserting it into the sleeve the card was purchased in, use some creativity in wrapping and presenting your gift card holiday presents. Last minute Christmas gifts can appear to be well thought out in advance, just by utilizing some of the guidelines listed below.

Basic Ideas for Giving Gift Cards Creatively

Simple and Fun

  • Gift Card Tins: enclose the gift card in these pretty tins, which can be found at Michael’s or other craft stores. The tins sport a multitude of themes and patterns, so have fun choosing the tin. Add a tulle bow and a gift tag, and the presentation is complete.
  • Decorative Pochette: a fancy name for a heavy paper envelope. What sets pochettes apart from typical envelopes, is that the pochette is made into cool shapes that have interesting closures. Anyone can create their own paper pochettes by using this free pochette template. Combine fun papers, elegant cardstocks, and thematic gift cards to create the best personalized presentation for the gift recipient.
  • Organza Bags: petite drawstring bags sewn of diaphanous organza or a shimming, translucent metallic fabric envelope the gift cards perfectly, and this presentation can be dressed up even more with some pearlized beads tied onto the ends of the drawstrings.
  • Pillow Boxes: a super, simple presentation to make at home. Download and print this free pillowbox template. Resize it as necessary for your needs. Create a template out of heavy cardstock to use with your decorative papers. Cut along the edges; score the remaining lines. Fold along the main horizontal line; use a glue stick or white glue to attach the tab to the body of the pillow box. Once the glued tab has set, fold in the bottom two end crescents. Fill the pillow box with small items that pertain to the gift card. Tuck the gift card in and seal the top two end crescents to close the pillow box.
  • Suggested Pillow Box Fillers: colorful paper shreds, small wrapped candies, potpourri; for movie theater gift cards, use popped popcorn as filler; for spa gift cards, use netting puffs, small loofah sponges or bath gloves as filler. Be creative in devising the perfect filler to match the gift certificate.