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Gifts for Grandma: Birthday and Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandmothers

Grandmas usually hold a very special place in children’s hearts. The following are some suggestions for presents that will make a grandmother feel very special and loved.

Home Movies DVD

Grandmas often complain that they just don’t see their grandkids enough. Make a home movie of the kids doing some of the favorite activities, then have each child sit down and give a special massage to their grandma. This way when grandma is really missing her grandchildren, she can pop in the dvd and “see” her loved ones.

Grandchildren Photo and Engraved Frame

Everyone knows how much grandmas like to show off their grandchildren. How about getting the kids together for a nice portrait, then present the picture in a beautiful, engraved frame? This way she can show the kids off whenever company comes over.

Spa Gift for Grandma

Grandmas often don’t take the time to pamper themselves. Think about giving a gift certificate to a local spa where grandma can relax and enjoy a soothing facial, get her nails done or pick up some beauty products.

Gift Basket for Grandma

Opening the front door to see a festive gift basket is a great way to put a smile on a grandmother’s face. There are lots of different types of gift baskets including dessert baskets, cheese and wine baskets, tea and coffee baskets, and spa baskets. One of these baskets could be a great treat for a grandma.

Gardening Gift

If Grandma likes to spend time gardening, consider getting her some new gardening tools. Another idea is to give her some pretty pots she can plant flowers in. Also, garden decorations or wind chimes are always nice to have around the yard.

Grandma Bracelet

A personalized piece of jewelry can make for a special and unique gift. Should grandma enjoy wearing jewelry, think about the possibility of having a bracelet made for her with gemstones representing the birth months of her kids or grandkids or both.

Homemade Gifts for Grandmas

If watching the budget, contemplate having the kids make some gifts for their grandma. If it’s Christmastime, how about having each child make a homemade Christmas ornament she can proudly display on her tree? A creative idea is to gather up a bunch of pictures and make a nice collage that can be framed. If Grandma has a favorite homemade treat, consider making it for her.

Gift Cards for Grandma

A final idea is to give Grandma a gift card so she can pick out something nice for herself. This could be to her favorite store, restaurant, or online site. If mailing a gift card, toss in some current family photos along with some handwritten notes or pictures from the kids.

Grandmas are great at making kids feel loved and special. Giving her a gift will allow the family to make her feel special, too.