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Fun Fourth of July Projects: Patriotic Crafts for Kids

From fun decorations to hand-made playthings, help kids celebrate the Fourth of July with unique crafts that embrace the patriotic spirit of red, white, and blue. The easy projects included below let kids have hands-on fun with craft supplies and a little adult supervision.

Shiny Sparklers

For the youngest Fourth of July guests, real fireworks sparklers are sometimes too dangerous for celebrating. Let them create a sparkly alternative all their own, using a few shiny materials and patriotic colors.

Materials for Sparklers:

  • one package bamboo skewers
  • wire cutters
  • old-fashioned Christmas tree tinsel (silver or colored)
  • metallic paper
  • star paper punch
  • glue

Remove the skewers from the package and use the wire cutters to remove the sharp, pointed ends. Cut metallic paper stars from the sheets of shiny paper, and glue them at intervals to strands of thin Christmas tinsel. Gather several strands together and glue them to the end of the sparkler.

Leave the silver or colored strands and the mini stars streaming from one end. When the sparklers are waved, the tinsel and stars will glisten and dance like “sparks”.

Sand Flags

Colorful sand crafts will inspire young mosaics fans and budding artists. The patriotic theme behind this one makes it a perfect choice for Fourth of July centerpieces or indoor/outdoor decorations.

Materials Needed for Sand Flags:

  • empty glass jars
  • white or brown sand
  • red and blue watercolor paint or Kool-Aid blue and red flavor packets
  • glue stick
  • white paper stars

Mix Kool-Aid packet with water and heat to form a dye; or use watercolor paints and extra water to dye sand red and blue. Set aside part of the sand un-dyed for the “white stripes” of the flag.

Use the glue stick to adhere a few paper stars temporarily inside the glass jar, near the top. Then, begin pouring sand inside in layers, alternating the “white” and red to form stripes, then pouring the blue sand on top. The white stars will stand out against the blue background like the traditional flag design.

Patriotic Streamers

Kids will love these wind streamers inspired by traditional wind socks and patriotic flags. Perfect for leading an impromptu backyard parade or decorating a front porch during festivities, the streamers take only minutes to make.

Materials for Streamers:

  • long wooden dowels
  • glue gun
  • red, white, and blue crepe paper
  • large wooden craft stars
  • scissors
  • red, white, and blue craft paint
  • paint brush

Paint the wooden craft stars on both sides with patriotic colors. Cut long strips of colored crepe paper and hold together at one end of the streams. Glue them to the top of the wooden dowel, giving them a few minutes to dry. Add as many paper streamers as desired, then top the dowel with a patriotic wooden star.

Once the glue is completely dry, the streamers are ready to fan out in the breeze like a patriotic banner. For a special touch, sprinkle glitter on the craft stars while the paint is still drying.

Create a new Fourth of July tradition for family gatherings, or a boxful of decorations for a patriotic party. Parents can help kids make shiny sparklers, sand flags and wind streamers. These cool patriotic crafts will inspire kids to better understand and appreciate the meaning behind those festive colors.