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Free Business Xmas Cards – Holiday & Christmas Card Templates

Getting ready for the holidays at work? Free business Xmas cards can save your company time and money. Just download a Christmas card template, Kwanzaa greeting card sample, Hanukkah card template, or even a Holiday card. Make a few quick customizations after you download the card, and provide each customer, client and business associate with a personalized seasonal greeting that you can print out on the office printer to save money.

Business Christmas Cards, Kwanzaa Greeting Cards, Hanukkah Cards

For a business, Christmas greeting cards may not always be appropriate. Small businesses may have close enough relationships with clients to know which holiday to celebrate, or may choose to celebrate all seasonal holidays, from Christmas to Kwanzaaa and Hanukkah, to make sure that no one is left out. Regardless of the card you choose, printing up free card templates can save your business money.

Each of these cards is compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 or any later version of Word. Just download the file, and open with your version of Microsoft Word. Make any changes necessary, type in a customized greeting and print.

  • Christmas Greeting Card Sample – This bright and cheerful Christmas Greeting Card template can be modified to show that it is from your business, or from the owner’s family.
  • Kwanzaa Greeting Cards – This Kwanzaa greeting card template is tasteful and professional, appropriate for any business relationship.
  • Hanukkah Card – This Hanukkah card template is intended for business use.

Business Holiday Cards

Business holiday cards are more generic, offering season’s greetings without paying special attention to any individual religion or belief system. If you prefer to send out cards without worrying that you might offend someone, “Happy Holidays” is usually a safe message. A holiday greeting card, such as this simple holiday card template, is suitable for any occasion, and can convey your best wishes for the holiday season, regardless of the holiday that the recipient is celebrating.

Business Xmas Cards

Christmas card templates, Kwanzaa greeting cards, Hanukkah cards and simple Holiday cards are all a great way for your company to improve business relationships while saving money. Just print out the cards on a nice heavy cardstock, or a greeting card blank, and send them to clients, customers or valuable employees.