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Family Fun at Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire: Taking Young Children to Flamingo Land

Well the answer is quite a lot actually. Although a theme park, with the usual array of eye-wateringly scary rides, Flamingo Land also houses a zoo with an impressive range of animals and a commitment to supporting threatened species through breeding programs and conservation.

Zoo Animals to See at Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land offers great opportunities for children to observe animals close up. A treetop walk provides aerial observations of the Park’s flamingos and other species, whilst a monorail offers views of the baboons and meerkats. The playful antics of lemurs and monkeys will delight both young and older visitors, while the opportunity to view real-life lions, tigers, giraffe and rhino is something really special.

Flamingo Land Farm Animals

Muddy Duck Farm is home to a variety of farm animals, from miniature donkeys to cows, sheep, Shetland ponies, rabbits and hens. Children can pretend that they are a farmer and take a ride on a tractor around the site, or simply wander around the different pens.

Flamingo Land Rides for Young Children

This being a theme park, there are some fantastic rides aimed at the younger child. All are clearly marked with the appropriate height classification, indicating their suitability and many allow parents to ride alongside their child – which is a great excuse for mum and dad to have fun! These rides are, in the main, located in their own section – away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger rides. Queues tend to be shorter as well. In addition to the classic teacups and carousels, there are ‘helicopter’ rides, mini-roller coasters, and lots more.

Family Shows at Flamingo Land

There are numerous shows during the day, which can provide a welcome break. The sea lion and parrot shows are both entertaining and interesting, whilst the Bongo Warriors acrobatic antics will astound children and adults alike. The main hall venue also hosts a different show each season, aimed at younger children. The shows are short, so perfect for limited attention spans.

Watery Fun at Flamingo Land

There’s nothing young children like more than getting wet and there are plenty of opportunities for children to do just that at Flamingo Land. An area of the Park is designated as a “wet area” and is home to a fabulous pirate ship boasting water cannons, surrounded by sprinkler lagoons and showery palm trees, operated by floor buttons. Children can run around getting wet to their hearts content. The more adventurous can join an adult on the “yellow submarine” ride, which wends a watery path and encourages participants to fire water cannons at each other.

Prices, Food and Facilities at Flamingo Land

The good news is that children under 4 year of age are free. The bad news is that those over 4 pay the same price as anyone else, which can be frustrating as they are still restricted from many of the rides. Senior citizens and disabled visitors receive concessionary rates. The Park tends to open around Easter time until just after the October half-term.

Food is expensive, so families would do well to organise a picnic and there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy this around the park. Toilet and baby changing facilities are, on the whole, clean, although baby-changing is not available in every gents toilet. There are plenty of places to sit and rest and tired legs can benefit from the miniature railway that runs around some of the park.

So if you thought that Flamingo Land was not an appropriate day out for young children – think again! There’s plenty to capture young minds, with a good helping of family fun.