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Fall Decorating Ideas with Easy to Make Crafts: Autumn Crafts Can Spice Up Your Home

Autumn is a beautiful season with all of the trees turning red, yellow and orange. The bright color of pumpkins set against the muted tones of yellow in the hay and leaves is a wonderful thing to behold. Why not take advantage of all that fall goodness and bring a bit of it indoors? Kids can help decorate the house with just a few fun and easy autumn craft ideas. These activities are all simple to do and are quick too.

Make a Colorful Fall Leaf Wall

Take a walk around your neighborhood once the leaves start turning colors and gather up leaves that are all different sizes, shapes and colors. Bring them home and put a small piece of tape onto the back of each leaf. Tape onto an empty wall space for a look of the outdoors inside. No leaves where you live? You can purchase packs of leaves at your local craft store and do the same things.

Decorate a Candle

Small votive candles are easy to decorate with autumn colors and themes. Simply glue a band of red, yellow or orange ribbon around the body of the candle. Then glue on a tiny leaf, acorn or miniature pumpkin to the front of the candle. Set a group of these on the table or mantel. You can also decorate different sized candles to make an interesting arrangement of candles.

Make a Scarecrow

Use old clothes, a pillowcase for the head, and hay to make your own scarecrow. Draw a face on the scarecrow, stuff everything with hay, tuck in the loose ends and prop your creation up against the wall. This would be a great activity for kids outside on a cool crisp fall day.

Paint a Pumpkin

Why not paint your pumpkin this year instead of carving a scary face? Paint a Thanksgiving scene, paint a scare crow on your pumpkin or decorate all around the pumpkin with vines and leaves. Set large ones outside on the porch or paint some miniature pumpkins or gourds to go the autumn candle arrangement you made.

You can do one or all of these activities, but be sure and do something. Autumn has so much to offer in the way of crafting material from nature — leafs, acorns, pumpkins, hay — that is would be a shame to let it go by without making some awesome fall crafts. You will definitely want to take advantage of all the autumn colors and opportunities for crafting with kids that comes with the fall!