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Decorating Tables for the Holidays: Christmas Candle Centerpieces

Purchasing centerpieces for several tables can become an expensive venture. However, with a few items that can be purchased from the local dollar store or craft store, a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors, beautiful Christmas candle centerpieces can be made inexpensively.

These table decorations are perfect for office parties where there are multiple tables to decorate and the budget needs to stay small. At the end of the holiday season, they can be stored as is or taken apart and used elsewhere in other crafts.

Items Needed

These items can usually be found in local discount stores or craft stores inexpensively.

  • Battery operated stick candles – safer and last longer
  • Christmas themed candle rings – available in discount retail stores
  • Various artificial twigs, vines and other decorative items from the floral department – during holidays many of these can be found with decorative beading or balls
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Floral wire cutters and pliers
  • Old, discarded CDs or heavy cardboard

If CDs are not available, thick cardboard can be cut in circles and covered with colored felt using glue. The idea is that the CD or cardboard will be the supporting base for the candle.

Assembling the Candle Centerpieces

  1. Using the hot glue gun, secure the candles to the CD or cardboard base. Place the glue around the outer edges of the base on the candle, then attach to the disk.
  2. Slide the candle ring over the candle. Secure it to the disk using hot glue. The candle ring should cover the CD; if it doesn’t, glue floral greenery around the outer edges of the candle ring to cover the disk.
  3. Using the floral pliers and the floral vines or twigs, wrap the candle up to the edge of opening for the battery. Secure to the candle with hot glue strategically placed in different areas along the vine or twig. Hint: Make a hook shape out of the bottom of the floral twig and slide it over the candle before wrapping. Secure with glue for more stability.
  4. Add as many twigs or floral vines as desired until satisfied with the look of the candle.
  5. Insert batteries into the candles and set on tables.

These centerpieces will add a lovely glow to tables and look as though they were brought in by the florist. They can be decorated with as much or as little holiday floral as desired and changed from year to year with very little effort. Store them without the batteries to prevent corrosion and they will be ready to go for the next Christmas party. Making Christmas ornaments and centerpieces is a wonderful holiday experience for the entire family.