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Cinco de Mayo Activities and Crafts for Kids

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the all important victory of the Mexican army over the French in what is known as the Battle of Puebla which took place in 1862. Parties and fiesta are thrown. Mexicans walk proudly in parades and lots of singing, dancing, and fun activities take place.

Cinco de Mayo Activity

Music is an important part of Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Have kids make their own maracas. What’s needed for each maraca are two small, white paper bowls, glue, a popcycle stick, uncooked beans, and a stapler.

Place some beans in a bowl and then staple the other bowl on top as a cover. Leave an opening so the popcycle stick can be glued in and used as a handle. Once the glue is dry, let kids decorate their new musical instruments. Put on some Mexican music and the kids can become instant musicians.

Cinco de Mayo Crafts

Kids can create a sombrero table centerpiece with a small, white paper plate and cup. Have kids glue the cup upside down on the plate. Once the glue has dried, the new sombreros can be colored, painted, or glued with small decorations.

Guitars are a huge part of Mexican music. Cut out the shape of a guitar on a piece of construction paper, then let children create their own guitars. These can be colored with crayons, colored pencils, or painted. Glue on some ribbon in the form of a circle at the top of the back of the guitar so kids can hand their guitars up when completed.

Cinco de Mayo Art

A fun art project for kids is for them to make a Mexican flag. What’s needed is a piece of white construction paper, glue, and one sheet each of red, white, and green tissue paper. Be sure to have a picture of a Mexican flag in view so children know what the finished project is supposed to look like.

Have older children draw an eagle in the center of the poster board. For younger children, print the emblem off the internet and glue it on. Tear the tissue paper in small pieces and twist them in the middle. Keep the colored piles separate from each other. Glue the twister sections of tissue paper onto the poster, keeping the ends sticking up until the flag is finished.

Cinco de Mayo Treats

A Cinco de Mayo celebration wouldn’t be complete without treats. Churros are a very popular treat among kids. However, another consideration is to let them decorate cookies. Take some plain sugar cookies and have children decorate them with white, green, and red frosting. Throw in some sprinkles, too!

Mexican Pinata

No Mexican celebration would be complete without the breaking of a pinata. Although traditionally filled with candy treats, other items can be substituted such as plastic rings, erasers, small noise makers or play coins. items can easily be found at party and dollar type stores.

Cinco de Mayo is a festive Mexican holiday which celebrates freedom. Children can experience a bit of the rich, colorful culture of Mexico through fun activities and crafts. Additional ideas include doing a Mexican Hat Dance, cooking a Mexican dish and learning the words of a Mexican song and singing it.