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Cheap Holiday Destination- Great Value for Money: Sri Lanka is an Exciting Country and can be Visited on a Low Budget

The ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, as it was once referred to by an explorer, is a very apt name for this tear-drop shaped tropical island that lies at the tip of the Indian sub-continent. With its beautiful beaches, ancient cities, thick jungles and very hospitable people Sri Lanka is a holiday-makers’ paradise.

The Climate and Weather Conditions

Being a tropical island the temperatures range from warm to hot throughout the year. There are no traditional ‘seasons’ of winter, spring, summer and autumn. Instead the year is divided into the ‘dry season’ when it does not rain and the ‘monsoon season’ when it rains. However, the temperatures do not vary very much from season to season.

One of the unusual aspects of the island is that the centre of the island, which is hill country, is much cooler than the temperatures in the coastal towns but one can travel between the areas in around four to five hours.

Transport, Hotels and Tours

Most major airlines have regular flights to Colombo, the Capital of Sri Lanka. Many airlines offer discounted tickets to Sri Lanka from various parts of the world. Because of the year-round warm weather, Sri Lanka is a great destination for people looking to leave the cold winters in their own countries.

Accommodation in Sri Lanka range from five-star luxury hotels to more affordable basic facilities. However, even the luxury hotels are very cheap from the overseas visitor’s point of view, especially if they are from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe or Japan. The Rates of Exchange of the currencies at various times can also contribute to making the holiday very cheap.

There are many tour operators in the island who can arrange day trips or tours covering many days in very comfortable vehicles and with very interesting itineraries. Very often they would also include a guide and more importantly these tours are very inexpensive to arrange.

Food and Drink

A visitor to Sri Lanka will be treated to a myriad of sumptuous ethnic Sri Lankan food. Just the enormous variety of fruit that is available in the island is a treat. In addition to the asian cuisine the island can provide western, european and southeast asian dishes.

The many restaurants and clubs carry alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to suit all visitors.

Language and Culture

There are two ethnic languages in Sri Lanka- Sinhala and Tamil- and English is widely spoken. In addition there are employees in some hotels and other tourist oriented organizations who speak many european languages.

The cultural diversity of the island contributes to its mystique that visitors find fascinating.

The beauty of Sri Lanka is that it can cater to any type of holiday- relaxing, adventurous, cultural- or a combination of all three, at a very affordable price.