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Cheap Birthday Activities

Birthday is a special day in everyone`s life. Well to make a birthday interesting and fun some cool birthday activities should be arranged. Given below are a list of games to be played at a birthday party to make it happening and a fun party:

Musical chair: It is the most played game in birthday parties. In the game, chairs will be arranged in a particular manner, but the number of chairs will be one less than the number of participants of the game. Music will be played, and the players have to go around the chairs circularly. Once the music is stopped everyone has to sit on the chair nearest to them, in this manner one person will not be able to sit at the number of the chair is one less and thus he will be out of the game. One more chair is removed, and the game is continued till only one chair, and two people are left, and one of them becomes the winner.

Passing the pillow: It is a similar kind of game like the musical chair. The players have to pass pillow till the music is playing and once the music stops the person who has the pillow is out of the game. So the player has to be quick in this game.

Draw the elephant tail: This is another fun game played on birthdays. The player is blindfolded and is asked to draw the tail of the elephant which is drawn on the board. The person who draws correctly gets small gifts or chocolates.

Treasure hunt: The player has to find the hidden treasure with series of hints.

Button game: This is another interesting game played by the kids where the kids hold hands together and then have to pass the button while there is a person who has to catch the giver and receiver.

Coloring Activity: There are very few kids who don`t like to paint or draw. Kids have that inquisitiveness to scribble on anything and are attracted towards colors. One can arrange a set of coloring pages with the alphabet and an article that begins with that alphabet and provide all types of coloring materials. In this way, the kid enjoys as well as the party host would have the satisfaction of teaching the kid. Knowledge is the best return gift.

These are few ways how one can make the birthdays of their child even more fun and interesting.

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