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Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is not complete without the pumpkin and the pumpkin would have no significance without Halloween. The pumpkin carving ritual starts just as October begins. No matter what kind of decorations you decide to keep on Halloween, there is always a pumpkin in all its deep orange glory. It is ...

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Halloween Drawings

Halloween drawings can be used as an inspiration and for ideas for decorating your house and for setting up a theme for your Halloween party. These drawings can also be used to hang around the house for a freaky holiday spirit. These can also be used as activity for children ...

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Halloween Bats

Halloween Bats are an essential part of most favorite Halloween themes. Be it adults or children, the first thing that comes to their minds after the pumpkin and the lantern are the bats! They are used in everything. From decorations like stickers, banners, posters, signs, and tags to clip art, ...

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Photo Gallery: Halloween Cats

There is always a Halloween cat when there is a Halloween theme; the black cat always scares people the most. Halloween cats are a popular theme and people use it often in their decorations and have pictures of it on cards, tags, banners, and even signs. These are also quite ...

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Photo Gallery: Halloween Witches

This is, by far, one of the most popular theme and art of Halloween. The classic picture of a witch on a broom is available for every single Halloween accessory and art piece. You can find Halloween witches on stickers, posters, wallpapers, tags, and even on invitation cards. It is ...

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Christmas Village – 2016

If you have room in your home, you may want to set up a Christmas village. Usually people start their village by putting down a white sheet that resembles snow. Then the village is put together on top of this sheet. These villages usually are expensive, so people tend to ...

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