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Business Christmas Cards – Go Green This Year

Business Christmas cards are an excellent way to thank members of staff for their contribution and to remind customers of the company and its products and services. Throughout the year, billions of greetings cards are sent out each year requiring many tons of cardboard and paper of which only some will be recycled.

This year there are a growing number of companies that provide an alternative that goes some way towards reducing the burden on the environment. Following the Environmental Defense Fund advice on Improving Your Companies Paper and Packaging Choices, it is good to try to help and understand the details of some of their claims for providing a green Christmas.

Recycled Paper Christmas Cards

The simplest way to help the environment is to buy from suppliers who only use recycled paper. In fact currently 50% of all new paper is recycled in America and 80% of all paper that is supplied for recycling goes on to make new paper.

A guarantee of the source of the paper is if it is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council who are a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests. In the same vein there is the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Paper and Packaging Certification.

Plant a Tree With Each Order of Business Cards

Some business card suppliers promise to plant a tree with every order. This is actually a real promise but, of course, they do not actually go out after every order and personally plant a tree. There are now companies who provide a tree planting service.

Businesses and individuals can buy a ‘plant a tree’ service to help rebuild the forests.

Recovered-Fibre Envelopes and Labels for the Cards

The envelopes and labels need to have different properties to the card itself and can be made from post-consumer recovered fiber. In fact the US Environmental Agency provide figures for the composition of the materials in its paper US EPA Printing and Writing Papers.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment specifically states that it considers the consumer to be partly responsible for the misuse of packaging in addition to the supplier. It is up to us to try and reduce the amount of packaging we expect from suppliers and dispose of it properly.

Soy Ink Printing on Business Cards

In 1994 there was a new law written called the Vegetable Ink printing Act of 1994, that stated that there must be a minimum of vegetable based ink in all government printed documents. The ruling backed the desire to provide inks that were safer for employees to handle as well as better for the environment.

Some suppliers of business Christmas cards use soy ink printing.

Greener Cards by Printing by Wind Power

Some suppliers of business Christmas cards use paper printed using low impact, emission free mills powered by wind power. This is an incredible addition to the ways that the incredible amount of printed paper can be produced in a way more friendly to the environment.

Send an Electronic Business Christmas Card

Perhaps the ultimate in green Christmas cards is to consider this year sending business greetings and best wishes via email or maybe by sending e-cards with beautiful or humorous animations. Whatever way is chosen the future generations will be thankful that the environment is safer because of greener business Christmas cards.