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Business Christmas Cards – Corporate Holiday Cards

Sending business holiday greeting cards are a great way to show customer appreciation. As many people display their cards, these greetings can pose as an advertisement. However, it shouldn’t be about business. Holiday cards should be about appreciating valuable clients and customers.

Corporate Greeting Cards

Although many people within a company may celebrate the Christmas holiday and are used to sending business Christmas cards, it doesn’t mean that all clients and customers celebrate this holiday. Rather than sending a card depicting a Christmas scene, it would be more politically correct to send a card with a holiday scene instead. This shows a sign of respect to people of other religious backgrounds.

There are many alternatives to consider. Cards showing winters scenes are quite popular and beautiful. A lovely card could be one with a dove which is a symbol of peace. If wanting to do something a little more playful, cards with animals could be cute, such as a group of penguins ice-skating. If the business isn’t too big, a fun choice could be to take a photo of the staff and use that as the front of the card.

Business Greeting Cards

Be sure to purchase corporate holiday cards made with quality paper. These cards are a direct reflection of the company. It’s best that they look professional, not cheap. If possible, address the envelopes by hand. It adds a nice personal touch. The same goes for the signature. If achievable, a signature by hand comes across much warmer than a printed signature. Be sure to include a pleasant greeting. Some suggested greetings include:

  • Wishing you warm and happy holidays!
  • Enjoy a wonderful holiday season!
  • May you be filled with love and joy during the holidays!
  • Have a festive holiday season!

Business Holiday Cards

Care should be taken that there are no spelling or grammar errors. Be sure to address envelopes with formal titles such as Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc. If your company is in the habit of sending out coupons, dropping one in the card with a special holiday offer can give clients an extra incentive to use your product. Beat the holiday rush by mailing cards out early. This can allow for maximum exposure to the card.

Corporate and business holiday cards are a great way to let clients know that you appreciate their business throughout the year. They can also be a way to attract potential customers. Keep cards professional, but try to add a personal touch. Even though it may be tempting to send out business Christmas cards, remember to keep all customers in mind when choosing the cards. Mail early so they can be enjoyed for as long as possible.