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Bunny, Set #40005, a Lego Holiday Set

Lego often tries to makes sets that fit all the major holidays all over the world. One of these holidays is Easter. Since they would probably be criticized for making anything religious, Lego sticks with the secular observance of the holiday.

This means that on Easter, Lego creates sets that focus on Bunnies and eggs. For 2018, the set that was released was a large bunny. This was primarily released at the official Lego store so it didn’t see a very big print run.

Building Bunny

As the title of the set indicates, you’ll be constructing a bunny. The style of the build is related more to a stuffed animal representation of a bunny and not the actual creature.

Younger builders should be encouraged to pay attention to this build. It uses quite a few basic plates, bricks and slopes to achieve a rather detailed look.

Many sets released by Lego let go of this straight forward building design. Simplistic imagination combined with a practiced eye can create marvelous things. The bunny here is just a small taste of what is possible if you give yourself a chance to understand the pieces you work with.

Playing With Bunny

For the most part, this is a decorative set. However, the head and tail can swivel around. This is a very basic play element that would only serve to help position your display in a more advantageous place.

For those trying to incorporate Bunny into their other Lego sets, you might consider it as a display. Perhaps you have a Lego city celebrating Easter. Well, they need some decorations too. Maybe Bunny can be a large inflated set piece that Lego minifigures can further decorate around.

Interesting Parts of Bunny

Most of the parts in this set are basic. Of course, there are a few modified plates that enable you to build at 90 degree angles. You will also get a few pin connectors which allow you to add movement to your own creations.

There are sticker eyes included in this set, if you want them. Otherwise, you have a nice selection of slopes which can help avoid blocky-looking builds.

Minifigures in Bunny

Most holiday sets do not come with a minifigure unless they are large in nature. This set is under a 100 pieces, which puts it in the small category. Sets of this size can usually only hope to build a person out of bricks. This set has you building such a character in the bunny, but this is still not a minifigure.

Ratings for Bunny

Originality: 4 out of 5 Studs. This is an expert use of basic pieces. Angles and depth are achieved with simple, but effective choices.

Play Value: 2 out of 5 Studs. There’s not much here. However, it should be kept in mind that it has a bit more versatility than some of the basic holiday sets.

Design: 4.5 out of 5 Studs. The application of basic parts can turn into a very complex look. This is what you have here.

Unique Parts: 3 out of 5 Studs. Not too much to get excited about here. However, given its size, it does have a nice amount of parts.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Studs. This is a nice display or small gift to stick in an Easter basket.


This is primarily a holiday gift and/or display. Children are less likely to enjoy it than adults. It is a good set for younger builders who are ready to move away from Lego’s Duplo line. It teaches some fundamental building techniques that so many gloss over.