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Best Holiday Group Activities for Kids: Creative Team Building Exercises and Holiday Projects for Children

Keep the kids working together and cooperating this holiday season with some unique and creative holiday group activities that promote team building. Social skills and cooperation can be strengthened while preschoolers and elementary students enjoy the holidays. This article contains three fun group holiday activities and projects that will be perfect for youngsters at home or in the classroom.

Marshmallow Igloo Holiday Group Activity

In this holiday team building exercise, small groups of preschoolers or older children can construct igloos out of marshmallows. For the igloo group project, use a large cardboard cut into a circle and covered with aluminum foil as the base. Then, have the kids work together to build a large round circle with marshmallows.

Keep placing layers of marshmallows on top of one another, and glue together with royal icing (similar to the frosting used to build a gingerbread house) until the igloo walls are finished. Leave a space for the igloo door. Use toothpicks to stabilize it, if necessary.

Then, place a cardboard layer on top of the walls, and build the roof with more marshmallows. Details can be added later, such as snowmen and snowballs, etc. See below for an illustration of this team building holiday group activity.

Create a Scenic Group Snowball Mural

A mural is a great way to get kids working as a team. A snowball mural will be in the spirit of the holidays and will be a whole lot of fun to put together as a group. First, obtain several large pieces of black poster paper. Give one to each group of kids for this creative holiday team building exercise. Each group of children should also have a couple of bags of white cotton balls.

Have the children draw stick figures on their poster boards with glitter glue or white crayons. Alternatively, they can glue images and pictures of children from magazines. Then, using glue and cotton balls, have them place snowballs all over the poster to look like a snowball fight. Afterwards, the group murals can be placed side by side on a wall as a great nighttime snowball scene.

Giant Jingle Bell Garland Race

This fun group project will be a great way to ring in the holidays! Have groups of four children sit in a horizontal row at a long table and give each group a sturdy piece of holiday colored yarn. At one end, tie a knot. Then, give each team of preschoolers a basket full of large, colorful jingle bells to string onto the garland.

The first child at the end of the string will place the first bell onto the garland. The second child will slide it along his section of string, then the third preschooler will slide the jingle bell along her section of string. Finally, the little one at the knotted end will move the jingle bell to the knot. Continue until the garland is complete and all jingle bells have been used.

Another great group game idea would be to turn the jingle bell garland holiday activity into a great jingle bell garland race game by timing the teams and awarding the group who finishes first! Jingle bell garland will also make a great holiday decoration.

More Holiday Activities and Games for Kids

If these three exciting holiday group activities for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and primary school kids aren’t enough, take a peek at Holiday Math Activities for Children. Also, readers may be interested in Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make or some Thanksgiving Team Building Activities for Kids.

Team building concepts can be combined with the holiday festivities to create great social skills lessons. Try some of the above holiday group activities and fun winter projects that teach the kids how to cooperate and work together in harmony. Reinforce the concepts of group social interaction and team building with these fun and unique childrens’ team building games and activities for the holidays.