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Best Christmas Presents for a New Girlfriend

Buying a Gift for Someone Early in a Relationship is Thoughtful

What are some good ideas for gifts for a new girlfriend? Here are two easy ones, available right up to the last minute, too.

Spa Gift Certificates are Excellent Girlfriend Gifts

Unless the woman has made it clear that she hates spas, the spa gift certificate is a pretty good choice. Try and get something with maximum flexibility, unless it’s clear she wants something specific.

SpaFinder.com offers gift certificates that can be used at a variety of places. This makes a good choice for someone who likes to travel and is open to trying new spas, or who lives near at least one of the spas that accept SpaFinder certificates.

It’s also possible to buy gift certificates directly. This is such a popular gift that most spas offer it, sometimes online, sometimes only in person.

Look for a gift certificate with a long expiry date.

Some spa gift certificates are for a set dollar amount. Others are for a particular service or package. It’s much more polite not to let the woman know exactly how many dollars the certificate cost. When buying a specific service or package, find out whether the woman can exchange it if she prefers something different.

Put the certificate into a beautiful card, in an envelope. Write a short personal note, such as “Merry Christmas, Deborah. I hope you’ll enjoy a relaxing day at the spa. Fred”. It can be more than that, of course, but a few words will mean more than a signature alone.

Food and Wine are Good Gift Choices in a New Relationship

One good thing about giving presents of food and wine is that there is something for any price range. Also, these things are consumable and can be shared. They say, “Let’s have some fun now and not worry about whether this is a long-term thing.”

What kind of food and wine?

Go with things the woman likes, of course. Add some seasonal flair by choosing treats, such as:

  • Christmas chocolates
  • very fancy Christmas fruit cake with marzipan (almond paste) icing
  • Christmas shortbread cookies
  • small pots of special jellies and jams
  • samplers of special teas or coffees
  • tangerines or mandarin oranges
  • anything else that’s usually saved for special occasions locally.

Often supermarkets and coffee shops will sell fancy gift baskets. The wine may have to be purchased separately.

It isn’t necessary to buy a pre-made gift basket, though. Just find a way to make the gift look attractive. Include a card, in an envelope, with a personal message.

These Christmas present ideas will both work for almost any budget. They say, “I like you enough to make this gesture of friendship” without being too personal when a man and woman have only been dating a short time.