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Bespoke Luxury Holidays in Scotland: England and Ireland Exclusive-Use Properties and Vacations

Using the internet search engines to try to find a bespoke luxury holiday is only the beginning. What Google and Bing can’t do is tell visitors which companies have the best contacts, and can provide exclusive vacations which don’t appear in any website or any brochure.

One such company is LTR Exclusive, which can organise many luxury travel experiences in Scotland, England, and Ireland, that no other company can offer. Booking exclusive-use of hotels and other properties is one such service. Because the owners of LTR Exclusive are on first-name terms with the owners of some properties, including members of the aristocracy, royalty, movie stars and other celebrities, they can book exclusive-use of some places which do not normally provide accommodation.

About LTR Exclusive

Andrew Loyd and Jonathan Townsend-Rose founded LTR Exclusive, offering bespoke luxury holidays, in 1999.

  • Jonathan Townsend-Rose manages large estates in Scotland and England, and knows where the best shooting and fishing is to be found. His contacts with land-owners gives him exclusive access to and exclusive use of some properties which normally cannot be booked by individuals or other companies.
  • Andrew Loyd spent ten years in hotel management, including some of London’s top hotels, before moving to work in the USA and Canada where he spent eight years managing the private estates of some of the USA’s most prominent families.

Exclusive Luxury Vacations in Scotland

Scotland has been the main focal point of LTR Exclusive’s holidays for some time, although the business has expanded in recent years to take in similar services in both England and Ireland. European chateaux can also be arranged. Among the types of vacations that LTR Exclusive can book for clients are:

  • Castles and Mansions: some of the UK’s stateliest homes can be booked, usually on an exclusive-use basis, ideal for a wedding, special occasion, film-making, photography shoot, or corporate meeting. LTR can book venues which no other company offers, including castles in Ireland owned by movie stars.
  • Luxury Self-Catering: many stately homes and private lodges will provide their own chefs and staff if desired, but LTR Exclusive can also arrange for private catering to be done, though guests are of course free to bring their own staff if they wish.
  • Super Yacht Charters: LTR Exclusive also incorporates LTR Afloat, which can book super yachts, complete with crew, and organise transport and transfers for a totally all-inclusive luxury yacht vacation to take guests wherever they want to sail.

Luxury Vacations in Scotland

LTR Exclusive don’t offer only bespoke luxury holidays and exclusive-use vacations. Other luxury holidays in the company’s portfolio include:

  • The Hebridean Princess, an intimate cruise ship which has been described as a floating stately home, and providing romantic cruises along the stunningly beautiful west coast of Scotland and the Hebrides.
  • The Royal Scotsman, one of the world’s most famous trains, can be booked for up to 36 guests, who are accommodated in the Royal Scotsman’s state rooms while traveling through some of Scotland’s finest scenery.

More Information on Bespoke Luxury Holidays

To find out more about bespoke luxury vacations and booking exclusive-use hotels and other accommodation, visit the LTR Exclusive website.