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Beauty of women

“True beauty in a women is reflected from her soul. ~ Audrey Hepburn.”

Creator made women real beauty attraction for man. One such beauty, such as flower of beauty to every women.  Yes every women reflected from soul express to her face. Skin color, fatty or skinny, hot or short doesn’t matter beauty in women. They always choice right things are beauty. Women beauty depends on their own culture and custom. Women, beauty in hizab, beauty in western dress, beauty I Asian dress, and beauty in love. Women beauty appear in presentable. So ladies, don’t be appear or expose appeal as like product. Appeal like a true beauty. Man readers, don’t think women is a product. Women; she is a mother, someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s sister-in-law or someone’s wife. In future you will be father of baby girl or you have daughter whether one day she will be women. So respect women don’t violence upon them.

Women you can use perfect make up glowing for your true beauty looks presentable. Don’t be use heavy makeup. At the age of women exposed to different kinds of beauty. Women reflect beauty in teen time, visually beauty seen youth, and another type of beauty is middle age, beauty focus in old age other wise said emphasis beauty different type of different age. You don’t need to wear teenager dress so focus your womanhood. Women takes her beauty in ponytail hair, bun hair, open hair, takes her charming hair, reflect sunlight in the afternoon, and laughter filled the earth. Women could be pretty or beautiful and small town live in who always searching for true love.