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Avoid TSA Airline Security This Holiday: Enjoy Train Travel

The Los Angeles Times reports that travelers are distressed and disturbed about enhanced airport security measures being enforced by the TSA. A “random” selection of passengers have the option of a full-body scan which exposes people to an excessive amount of radiation and has been likened to “a virtual strip-search” by the American Civil Liberties Union. If that is not acceptable, these passengers may opt to be subjected to an invasive pat down in which the security agent will touch under breasts and between legs.

Jim Puzzanghera writes that an Internet campaign is encouraging passengers to protest by opting for the pat-down on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The campaigners hope that this will cause massive delays on the busiest travel day of the year.


Airline travel has become such an unpleasant hassle. In many instances these problems may be avoided with much more enjoyable experience of train travel.

When travelling via Amtrak Train, the vacation begins when boarding the train. The train employees are happy to see and help customers board, store luggage, and find seats. Not only are the seats plush, roomy and comfortable, Amtrak passengers are welcome to move about the cars of the train as they wish. There is a separate dining car with table side service and a snack bar in the observation car.

The observation car is the nicest place to hang out while traveling on Amtrak. The walls and ceiling are windows through which passengers enjoy viewing the gorgeous scenery as they ride by. Train travel around the USA is a vacation in itself.

Train travel passengers enjoy fresh air; they are allowed to disembark when the train stops to unload and board new passengers.

Ticket Prices

Airline ticket prices continue to skyrocket. Airlines are increasing the things they charge for, such as checked luggage. They are offering less amenities; some airlines will not provide a pillow and blanket to red-eye passengers.

Train ticket prices, however, remain a bargain. Riding in coach on the train is a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Amtrak offers first class accommodations, as well. In 2018, a family of four travelled first class on Amtrak for the same amount of money that four cheap airline tickets would have cost. First class passengers on Amtrak enjoy the privacy of a separate car equipped with private rooms. These private rooms include all the same plush, comfortable seating in coach plus pull-out beds and private bathrooms facilities. First class passengers are not charged for food and non-alcoholic beverages. In room dining service is available; the train attendant will take a meal order and bring it the private room.

Online Travel Arrangements

As with airline travel, Amtrak train passengers may make their travel arrangements and purchase tickets online.

Train Travel

The only convenience that train travel does not offer is time. While it is much more pleasant to take the train that to fly, it does require taking more time off from work for holiday travel and vacation. Amtrak’s California Zephyr line, for example, takes three days from Chicago, Illinois to San Francisco, California.

It is, however, three days of pleasant travel.