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An Easy Spring Egg Decoration: A Simple Garden Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten Children

Bring a little bit of spring into the house! Any child or adult with a sense of humour will love this Easter egg head. It’s a decorated egg with a twist – grass seed sprouts right out of the head like hair. Use this cute spring craft as a seasonal party favor or as a decoration. It’s easy to make for those in daycares or those who work with preschool classes, and small children and adults alike will be delighted by how it grows!

Materials for the Spring Egg Head Craft

Begin at the local garden center. Find the smallest possible package of shade growing grass seed. This seed will grow even if the egg head is placed in a dimly lit area of the house. Then find a very small bag of potting soil.

Next, look in the grocery aisle. Find a dozen eggs. Feeling crafty? Look in the craft section for felt pens, acrylic paint, glitter, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. Choose eyes that are approximately the size of a finger nail. Oversized eyes make the best Easter egg faces!

Finally, if the decorations are going to be used as table decorations or party favors, consider purchasing some new or secondhand egg cups. If the decorations are just for fun around the house, it is possible to use the egg carton itself as a simple egg cup, or even some putty at the bottom of the egg.

Preparing the Materials to Make the Spring Egg Head

Make an omlette or do some baking. Use up those eggs! Remember to keep the shells. The lower down the eggs are cracked, the less space is available for decorating and for a face. However, there is also a wider area available for grass “hair”. Let the artists use their own discretion about this one.

Wash out the insides of the eggs very gently. This is a job for an adult. Gently remove any very jagged edges and discard eggshells that are cracked.

Making the Egg Face

Dirt, paint and glue don’t mix, especially when preschoolers are involved. If possible, choose one time to make the face, wait for it to dry, then add the soil.

Remind the preschool or kindergarten children that the eggs are breakable. If possible, provide two shells per child in case one breaks. Put the eggshell into the bottom of an egg carton or an egg cup to make sure it does not roll away. The top of the shell is the open part. This is where the hair will go. The children can paint, glitter, or very gently write with soft felts on the Easter eggs. As a last step, glue eyes near the top of the shell.

Making the Easter Egg Head Grow

This is the best part! Position the Easter egg upright in an egg carton. Provide each child with a small sprinkling of grass seeds, enough to cover the top of the egg. Provide each child with a teaspoon and a cup of soil to add to the egg. Again, remind the preschoolers that eggs can break – it’s time to be gentle! Spoon the soil into the eggshell. About one centimeter from the top, sprinkle the grass seed onto the soil, then add one last spoonful of soil.

Give each child an eye dropper to water the Easter egg. Misters are not recommended, since decorations can fall off if they become wet.

Care and Maintenance of the Spring Egg Head

Place the egg head somewhere where it will receive light and where it will not fall over. Place it in the bottom of an egg carton, in an egg cup, or on some putty. Water it when the soil becomes less damp. Mow its hair whenever it requires a trim.

Enjoy celebrating spring and Easter with this lovely spring egg head!